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Peavey Encore 65 speaker question...

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Keith Wilkes
04/22/2015 9:42am

Just picked up a Peavey encore 65, vintage series amp..circa 1984, all tube, double 6l6's....scorpion speaker.  GREAT amp, scorpion is tired....

Suggestions on a 12" that would have at least 65 watts, smooth, great distortion, and very articulate!

Et65 maybe?  G12cs?  Retro 12"?


Keith Wilkes
04/25/2015 6:10pm

Any input from the WGS guys??

04/27/2015 12:21pm

Never had one ... but I've had several similar models from that time peroid ...

I'd say you are dead-on with the ET65 if you want TONE ... if you also want a touch more volume, maybe go ET90.

Keith Wilkes
04/27/2015 2:50pm

Awesome thank!

Daniel St Peters
01/07/2016 1:37am

I have run an ET65 in my Encore and I do love it there.  BUT, being one of the few lucky blokes to actually own two Hellatone 60L's, I had to try one in that amp just for shizzies and I really liked that one, too. Maybe a tad more.  From listening to comparos between the ET65 and 90, the 90 seems to do pretty close to what my Hellatone does so I think that it would make a fantastic drop in for that amp....and may actually try one soon.  I think, even if it doesn't cop the 60L perfectly, it will at least dish up some of both speakers (the ET65 and the 60L).  I just don't think you can lose with it.

MIchael Wojciak
02/01/2016 6:53pm

I just got my hands on an Encore 65.  It currently has a 4 ohm Jensen Mod Speaker installed.  The speaker just does not sound warm and smooth. It is a bit bright, almost abrasice and mid-heavy.  I was leaning toward a Governor, but it sounds like the ET90 may be a good choice.  

What GWS is closest to the Eminence Governor?

Daniel St Peters
02/10/2016 1:49pm

So I need to recant my earlier comment about the ET90 vs the Hellatone 60L

I have learned that my left ear just hears better than my right and, when I flipped my headphones over (left to right) the difference between the ET65 and ET90 flipped with them.  So, doing this a few times, I decided that I really don't perceive hardly any difference at all between the 65 and the 90.  Since I was using the ET65 in Vaughn's videos as my baseline reference - I have to say that neither the 65 nor the 90 sound at all like the Hella 60L.  And, in  most cases, that's a good thing.  I am actually thinking of replacing the Hellatones with Invaders in my 4x12 (they'd be mixed with my 2 ET65s)

As for the Encore:  It has a bright switch.  If you run an ET speaker in it, you may need to engage the bright mode to get the most out of it depending, naturally, on the rest of your signal chain.  But the ET65/90 will give you such a nice full bottom end which, I find, most open-backs and combos really need to avoid sounding flat.