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Peavey Classic 30 replacement

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05/14/2015 2:12pm

Hi there,

I have a peavey classic 30 that I want to replace the speaker in the combo. The music I play ranges from bebop jazz to heavey rock and everything in between, let's just say "fusion". I'm looking at scott henderson, wayne krantz kind of tone. I'm looking at G12C/S--I like the tone samples you have there, but you recommended the ET65 for Peavey classic 30. So I've been weighing it in, but further more research made me even more confused, for others recommend G12C and some recommends veteran 30. I love my mids, I love the honkiness and the fusiony tone of it, it just cuts through.

So basically, I need a jazzy clean when playing in a big band(hollowbody guitar), but I need that glassy chimy fusiony clean tone and creamy mid heavy overdriven on drive channel for my trio (strat, tele). I was thinking G12C/S would be it, but tell me if I'm in the wrong direction here. Ow by the way I love the orange color of G12C/S.

05/14/2015 3:30pm

Start with a search ...

Come back if ya don't find whatcha need.

05/14/2015 3:40pm

Yup! I've read those already, but nothing suits really what I'm looking for.

I like the high roll off of G12C/S but I'm not really a big fan of jensen style speakers, I'm more of a Celestion Vintage 30 kinda guy. My question is that, would the G12C/S be too dark for EL84x4 kinda amp? I don't want to loose the sparkle either? Thanks in advance!

05/14/2015 3:52pm

"would the G12C/S be too dark for EL84x4 kinda amp?"

Yes, I believe so ... they are really dark speakers!

For what you want, I just don't think you'll be able to beat the ET-65.  Another EXCELLENT choice would be the Reaper.

05/17/2015 12:22am

The HP Reaper is a very similar speaker to ET65, correct?

06/18/2015 5:12am

You know what? I went with G12C/S instead of the recommended ET65. My Peavey C30 just opened up! Now it has a tight lows, punchy highs and gnarly mids. I don't think its too dark at all, I think its more balance and optimal sounding than ET65's. I went to try amps with ET65's on it and for me its more of a crossbreed of seventy80 and vintage30, and still sound harsh to my ear--don't get me wrong, ET65's are great speaker but for its hype, I think its overshadowing a great speaker G12C/S for having it labeled too dark. My C30 with G12C/S has more sparkles than a stock Vox AC15 or Night Train, Fender Blues Jr. or even M-Audio reference monitors. Well That's just my two-cents. But for those who are eye-balling G12C/S, don't be afraid to try it, you'll never be dis-appointed.

07/09/2015 9:03pm

Ok, first of all, I don't know from nothin' all the names history and reputation these speakers have.  I've been playin professionally since the 1960's....bought me a 66 fender super reverb, added a road case early on, and me and my Strat and my Super have traveled the world on the cheap.  lol.  Now I'm 62,  got a 14 year old daughter, and I'm stlill playin routinely.  (Super looks like it just rolled out of the show room.)

Here's the deal, the players I work with love my Super Reverb, and it's what I usually bring to the party.  BUT  I've got a classic 30 and it was considered a barely passable substitute, they prefer me to match it up with my old 4 10 marshall cabinet with gold back celestions.  Which sort of defeated the purpose of bringing the smaller amp.  lol     So when I bring in the second string amp I usually have to haul in the marshall cab.  (This combo of gear is STill lighter than the super)   However I just popped in an et 65 in my classic 30 and I have to say, this has become a very welcome second string amp without the marshall cab.   It gave my Classic a whole new sound.

I won't say it exceeds my Super, but it's a whole lot easier on the back to haul around.  And honestly this speaker with this amp just makes it usable on all fronts.  I play everything from 60's 70's 80's pop to Blues, country & Jazz.    I've been mostly a pop player all my life, but can fill in for anything.   I use (in this chain order) an old old mxr envelope filter, equally old mxr red script dyna comp, followed by a vintage pro co Rat (first generation as well)  I just added a BBE mind bender (not sure what I think of that yet) followed by a Vox Tone Lab, and since I don't like using the Tone Labe as a volume,  I end the chain with a passive Morely Volume pedal.

All that said,  I bypass all of it for much of the night, and it's just me, my strat, and either that old Super...or NOW my Classic 30 with that fantastic et65 speaker which took that amp right out of the tomb as far as I'm concerned.  I NEVER imagined a simple speaker upgrade could possibly make such a difference.  I've always been dissapointed with JBL's and what I thought or were told were "upgrade" speakers.  I liked my old 66 Super Speakers (ceramic oxfords or CTS's I guess) and the celestions in the Marshall cab.  But I absolutely HATED the "pre blue marvel"  speaker that was lliving in that classic.  Funny thing is that I thought it was the amp....not the speaker.

Live and Learn

I also haul around to every gig, a Les Paul Custom, ORIGINAL Epiphone Sheraton, a Dean Boca Electric 12 String, (Not takin' my old Ric out these days) a PRS bartione electric...I consider them all boutique guitars....when I'm not chasin' a specialty sound, I just want to play my strat.  I found the improvement this speaker gives me in this amp is totaly across the board....especially on that growls up a storm!   

This now begs the question should I mess with the old standby?.....which I will pose in a Super Reverb thread.

07/13/2015 3:32pm

Cool ... that's EXACTLY what everyone who puts an ET65 in their Classic 30's says :-)

Now ... for the Super ... That's my barr-none favorite gigging amp, too ... and just like you, I do get a little tired of lugging it around sometimes!  I even took one of my old blackface Supers chassis out and put it in a 2x10 cab ( ... but there is just an undeniable magic in the 4x10 config!

Anyway ... if you love the sound of the Super, leave her alone.  If the speakers are tired, then a new quad of the little Vet 10s will be awesome, for VERY little cash.  Part of the magic in a Super (or 4x10 Bassman) is the four "light" 10"s working together ...