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Peavey Classic 30 extreme highs!

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12/24/2015 10:29pm

New to the forum.  I've searched the forum and have read many suggestions on a replacement for the C30. I owned one about a year ago, and for some unknown reason, i sold it.  Worst decision I ever made!   I've ordered a used one through GC and will be getting it in the next week.  My only issue with the C30 was the highs.  I literally damaged my ears playing this thing with leads up on the 12th fret.  To this day, I cringe when I even think about that tone!   

I would like something where the highs aren't ice picking, but breaks up easily.  I'm pretty new to the electric, although I've played acoustic for years.  I keep seeing the ET65 as the recommendation for this replacement.  But I've seen a ton of other suggestions.   I like playing classic rock, Gilmore, zz top stuff.  My son just purchased a delta blues and commented on how easy it is to get that dirty almost metal tone.   I don't recall my C30 being that easy to distort without a pedal.  Of course I understand he has the 15" vs 12"   I've even contemplated purchasing a Weber beam blocker!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I'm in my late 40's and don't need to loose my hearing quite yet!  Just trying to get my ducks in a row before the amp shows up.  

12/26/2015 6:03pm

Hear ya ... and by the way, I've had both ... and I prefer the C30 over the delta-blues (mine was a 1x15).

The easy answer is a ET65 ... LOTS(!!!) of C30 owners have been happy with this choice.  The other option, for even MORE top-end taming is the G12C/S (smooth cone).

Daniel St Peters
01/07/2016 1:12am

I'll just second Vaughan's motion and say get the ET65.  Brilliant speaker but def not shrill in any way.  I've played mine in both open and closed back configs and, in both setups, the highs are nicely controlled without sounding dull or lifeless.

01/11/2016 9:48pm

Thanks for the suggestions.  Sorry for not replying sooner!   Had to swap my "new" c30 due to a bad input jack and haven't had time to do much with it.  Finally got the replacement in this past Sunday.  Much better looking amp.  Anyhow, I was told by GC to go with Cannibus Rex or Swamp Thang.  But I really can't afford to be buying 3 or 4 speakers and trying them all out, so I will rely heavily on your suggestions.  I am going to check out your suggestions by listening online.  

Your help and any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.  You know dads amp has to sound better than my sons amp!  

01/12/2016 11:08am

Sorry for not getting back to you guys.  My C30 came in and it had a problem with the input, I had to take it back to GC and get them to get me another one.  Arrived Sunday, so I just started playing with it.  The Blue Marvel is killing me!  A guy at GC recommended Swamp Thang or Cannibus Rex.  I really can't afford to be buying 4 speakers and seeing which one I like the best!  So I'm really depending on your suggestions.  I understand I'm on the WHS forum, but I know absolutely nothing about the Swamp Thang, CRex, or the ET 65.  Hard to "hear" differences on the internet.

I appreciate your help in this matter.  All I do know is I can't stand the Blue Marvel.  Again, my son has the Delta Blues and it sounds SO GOOD.  The dad's amp is suppose to better than the son's, you know!