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05/02/2013 4:30pm

Looking to upgrade the speaker on my recently purchase peavey classic 30, from the standard issue blue marvel.  Looking for something that will pull out a little more of the sparkle and jangle the el 84 tube compliment can offer. I play all sorts of musich from classic rock to blues to old school country.   I like the dirt/crunch that this amp can generate but do not neccesarily want a speaker that breaks up too early.  The invader sounded like it might be a good choice but interested in your thoughts.




05/10/2013 9:44am

Sure, the Invader is a good choice ... although I'm not yet as familiar with them as some of the other WGS models.

The G12, of course, dishes up clean Fender spank & sparkle for days.

The Liberator would also be a good choice ... almost ET65 smooth ... but with just a little extra spank.

05/14/2013 11:52am


Thanks Vaughn.  Will give the Invader a try.  The sparkle for the G12 is nice but based on the sound clips, thinkin the Invader may have a little more oomph with the extra mid range presence it offers while still having some nice (albeit not as sparkly) highs.  The speaker in there now if very flat and boxy sounding so either will be a big improvement.

I'll let you know how it goes...




05/14/2013 3:41pm


Think I am gonna get the Invader.  I like the sparkle of the G12 but think the Invader has a bit more oomph/presence with its pronounced mids and some nice (albeit not as sparkly) top end.  Sure either would be a good choice given the current stock speaker sounds very flat and boxy.

thanks for the input.  i'll let you know how it sounds when its in.









04/03/2016 11:07am

How does that invader in your classic 30 sound for you? I'm am looking to upgrade my c30 and am debating between the invader, liberator, reaper or reaper hp. 

I have owned reapers in the past but have no experience with these other models. 

Ralph Hipps
11/29/2017 11:24am

I finally upgraded to the ET65 in my '80 Classic 30.

I have to say, it sounds fantastic!!! I had a Blue Marvel originally, and tried a Vet 30 but I found the sound too bottom heavy and with no mid 'bark' at all. To me is was more of a broadband or high fidelity type speaker, maybe better for jazz, etc.

I wanted to get more growl, more of a traditional rock guitar bark & bite, and OMFG the ET65 delivers!!! Love that combo now!!