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Orange OR50H + Orange PPC212 (2x12 closed back)

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05/30/2013 5:17pm



I have an Orange OR50H head (50W 2EL34) and an orange PPC212 (closed back 2 Celestion Vintage30). This couple is too harsh for me and not fat enough.

I play in a band mostly stoner rock and classic rock. I thought about Reaper 75 + Reaper 55 or 2 GreenBeret... In fact I don't really know.

What do you propose to have bit bottom end and fat sounding 2x12 not arsh sounding?

Help me!

06/12/2013 10:32am

2 ET65's ... or an ET65 and Vet 30!

07/30/2017 6:07am

Got the same exact rig and playing situation!!
Andy feed-back of this speaker choice?