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Orange head and empty 4x12....speaker suggestions

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01/07/2013 10:31pm

I made a post a while back regarding speaker suggestions for a 2x12 cab to go with my '75 Orange OR120 head. Well, since then I've lucked into an empty Mojotone straight front 4x12 cabinet, built to the specs of the '68 Marshall 4x12. Since my options aren't limited to exclusively higher power handling speakers, I thought I'd try again and see if anyone could throw some WGS speaker recommendations my way, as I have no prior experience with any of their models.

As a point of reference, I like a punchy, fairly bright sound which still retains that low end.....err, "wallop?" "Thump?" AC/DC, Stooges, MC5, early Aerosmith sort of tone. I'm primarily a rhythm player, and I'm playing a Gibson Les Paul with unpotted '57 Classic humbuckers.

My initial instinct is to go with a pair of Reaper HP's and a pair of ET65's in an X pattern. But I'd love to hear any other suggestions anyone may have. The Orange is a monstrously loud non-master volume amp, so I need a combination that'll handle that sort of power (i.e. no Green Berets or 30 watt Reapers, unfortunately). Thanks!

01/13/2013 10:31pm

I'd love 4 Invaders in that big box ... or Invaders & ET65's.

That big box would be pretty dark with the 65's & Reaper HP's.  Good ... if that's what you want/need ...

01/14/2013 11:44am

Thanks for the reply Vaughn!

I actually ended up loading the Mojo 4x12 with an X pattern of Eminence Wizards and Tonkers, which I admittedly really like, but I did place an order yesterday for a Reaper HP and an Invader 50 to throw in the oval back Sourmash 2x12, which will be atop the 4x12. They should arrive tomorrow. I had a hard time deciding between the normal Reaper HP and the 55hz version, but settled on the plain HP one for now.

Can not wait to hear this full setup. Orange OR120 and 6x12's!