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G10C vs Legend 1058

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H R Ziifle
12/06/2016 8:00pm

Hey Vaughn! Replacing the speakers in the a 63 Vibroverb Reissue. I use G10's in my old Super along with Vet 10's in and X pattern. Love it. Was wondering about 2 G10C's in a Vibroverb, and full disclosure, considering Legend 1058's as well. Can't find anything online really comparing the two. Both 75 Watts with the Legends having a smaller magnet and being lighter. Think the sensitivity is close. Obviously the G10C's are just great, and i have heard plenty of good things about the 1058's but haven't used em. Anyway, could you shed some light on how the G10's compare to the Legend 1058's? Thanks, and hope all is well. HRZ

12/15/2016 5:37pm

So ... the G10 would be WAY bigger, bolder, fatter, juicier, and a LOT Louder.  They may look about the same volume on paper, but those sens. specs are taken at 1K ... which doesn't take into account the huge kick in the pants the G10 has in the below 400hz range!  The 1058 actually sounds a lot like our Vet 10.

Reference, see:



H R Ziifle
12/21/2016 7:45pm

Thanks so much Vaughn! Still have the C10Q's in the Vibroverb, but will be changing within the next couple of weeks. Already have 2 G10C's here. Have access to two 1058's so i will be able to do kind of a mini shoot out..Thanks for pointing out the sensitivity difference in the way speakers are rated. I'm just looking at the SPL numbers. Thanks again my friend. H. R. 

12/24/2016 2:10pm

Cool!  If ya do that shoot out please post a link to the youtube video ... that would be GREAT to hear!

H R Ziifle
01/08/2017 6:16pm

Will do Vaughn! Thanks again. 

James Low
10/08/2019 8:10am

@hrz, did you have any opinions on how the C10Q / G10C and 1058 all compare, looking at all these speakers for my '68 custom Vibroblux.