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Speaker for the Fender Bassbreaker 007, 10"

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Keith Wilkes
12/02/2016 1:23pm

I got one of these awesome little amps....they sound GREAT right out of the box...was wondering about any recommendations for a 10" WGS speaker upgrade?  This amp can sound from Fender clean to Marshall dist....lots in between.

Any thoughts?

12/15/2016 4:54pm

Yea man ... I would be all about a G10C in that cool little gal.  Would make her sound a bunch bigger, bolder, fatter, juicier ... and just plain louder!

Keith Wilkes
12/19/2016 10:00am

Thanks!  How about the Retro 10?

04/04/2017 9:09am

Hi. I also own the combo, and I will change the speaker in the future. I'd like to preserve the amp's vintage British feel, and I'm looking for a British voiced speaker that's not too dark (the amp is very warm). Which speaker would be better for this purpose?. The Green Beret 10 or the Retro 10?. I suppose the ET10 would be out of the picture.

Britt Rossman
04/12/2017 10:22am

I agree with Vaughn on the G10C to bring out... well, everything in the amp! It will likely brighten it a bit, as would the Retro 10. Built a 2x10 custom amp (based off brownface Princeton) for a client using a Ret10/ET10 - it sounds full and warm, yet clear (ET10), but also tight and spanky, with just enough sparkle to make it sing out (from the Ret).

04/22/2017 7:32pm

In the Brit line ... the Retro 10 would REALLY bring out both solid bottom as well as extend the top-end response ... and make it louder! The GB10 would make it sound more straight-up Marshall Bluesbreaker/JTM 45 tone-wise.

07/18/2020 2:32pm

Installed the g10c. It just sounds GREAT. Simply better and louder.
The WGS is much better than the original speaker but also much heavier. My little combo became a HEAVY s.o.b.

07/19/2020 2:51pm

Yeah, that's the speaker that brought me to the WGS family ... I'd NEVER heard a 10 sound that HUGE and beautiful!
Thanks for taking the time to post your results here for everyone to learn from :-)

Paul Carter
09/13/2020 8:52pm

I have to agree with magic. I purchased a Bassbreaker a couple of weeks ago. The tone from the stock speaker wasn`t bad but decided to switch it out with the g10c and it made a world of difference. Just all around a way better speaker and I was able to find the tone I was looking for. What brought me to WGS was the WGS g12c. I had a Hot Rod Deluxe and was searching for something to tone it down and warm it up. I installed the g12c with a new set of tubes and it was an incredible difference, excellent tone. I live in a condo and the Hot Rod was just way to loud to play here at the house so I sold the amp and started the search, found the Bassbreaker and paired it with the g10c and new tubes. Well found a perfect replacement for the Hot Rod. Thank you WGS.

11/10/2020 6:10am


I loved the 007 so much with G10C that I tbought the limited edition Bassbreaker 15 for the extra- features.


- Reverb sucks
- Effect loop is noisy
- Celestion G12V-70 just sounds harsh to harsher

As this is not a Fender forum, I shall not elaborate any further on my disapointment.
I just wanted to stress that the WGS g10C in the little bluesbreaker 007 is REALLY a good match!

(Of course I kept the 007 and sold the 15.)