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H R Ziifle
11/05/2016 5:12pm

Hey Vaughan. I am in a similar situation as i was in last year. Replaced the speakers in my vintage 65 Super with 2 G10C's and 2 Vet 10's. Love it and not changing a thing!  During the year i picked up a 2010 Vibro King with 3 Jensen P10R's. I gig quite a bit, and rotate the VK and the Super. The P10R's are ok, but a bit harsh in the high end especially when pushed. I was seriously considering replacing all with 3 Vet 10's OR leave two P10R's and replacing the top speaker with a G10C. My gut feeling is to go with the G10C at the top as to have a much bigger, cleaner, bottom, and still have the P10R's for some alnico high end and compression. I know the G10C will dominate much of the sound, and it will be the speaker to mic. As another wild option, maybe one P10R, one G10C, and one Vet 10. Your thoughts would be appreciated.... All the best, HRZ

11/06/2016 2:19pm

Yea ... I would definitely go with the ONE G10C with the two existing P10R's.  The G10 is SOOO much more efficient that it will easily equal the two P10's combined ... and they do combine VERY well!  My main '67 gigging Super has had a pair of P10's (from a re-issue Super Reverb) along with one original CTS Alnico 10 and one G10C for many years now ... and it's a great combination. 

H R Ziifle
11/06/2016 8:23pm

Hey Vaughn, Thanks for the reply. Think that is what i will do and glad i was on the right track. Going to order a G10C and place it in the top spot of the VK. Thanks again. : ) Let me shift gears just for a second.... I "may" be picking up a 72 SF Vibrolux this week, as one just became available from a friend at a very good price. I was actually looking for a reissue 63 Vibroverb, but this amp might fit the bill. Anyway, i know i will be replacing the speakers if i do get it. Would you suggest 2 G10C's? Or 1 G10C and 1 G10CS? Or once again 1 G10C and possibly a Vet 10? Thanks again for the reply.... All the best, HRZ

11/07/2016 12:49pm

I'd either go with a G10C pair ... or  make one a G10C/S smooth cone if you truly want to take it more away from blackface and towards brownface/tweed tone.

H R Ziifle
11/07/2016 1:37pm

Thanks Vaughn! One more question please, and i am out of your hair.... : ) Primarliy looking at the older Vibrolux or 63 Vibroverb Reissue for use on smaller shows where volume can be an issue. I hotplate my Super at -4db every now and then or use a clearsonic panel in front of my amp. With that in mind, should 2 Vet 10's be a consideration? Once again, my gut feeling is 2 G10C's or as you stated a G10C and a G10CS.... Thanks again for your time and always appreciate the response... HRZ

11/10/2016 4:15pm

Ahhh ... entirely different answer!  I'd go with the Vet 10's then, as you know, the G10's are VERY loud/efficient speakers.

Also, on small shows, light weight amps are always nice, and the Vets are VERY light compared to the G10's!

Sooo, that way you'd have the Vibro King for the larger stages and the vibrolux for the smaller ones ... not a bad thing at all :-)

H R Ziifle
11/10/2016 8:17pm

Thanks Vaughn. : )