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212 mix for Country music????

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10/06/2016 1:04pm

Hey. This is my first post here and I've looked all over the forum and have some good ideas of what might work for me, but hope some guys with real world experience with WGS' line of speakers can tell me. I play all types of country music, blues, and some rock but that would be mostly older styles/tones like 38 Special, Boston, etc. The country ranges from old school honky tonk (Merle, Waylon, etc) to Jason Aldean type stuff. I'm looking to put a mixed pair in an open back 212 cabinet. I'll be using a Telecaster and occasionally a Les Paul through my Mesa Boogie Mark iv that I switched to 6V6 power tubes which seemed to make it a little brighter. I don't like the ice pick brights some guys run on their tele's but I'm learning that there are nice highs to be had and better upper harmonics with Celestion type speakers as oppose to the Eminence I have played. WGS seem like Celestions with the problems I don't like fixed.


Speakers that most interest me are the Vet 30, Reaper HP, and ET65 so far. Would the Reaper and Vet be too much high end, or would that work well? I know I like the fundimental tone of my friends Vintage 30/G12H30 cabinet, but I lacked too much lows and had just too much highs and high mids.


I'll stop now before you get too bored!



10/13/2016 3:17pm

Man ... I'm going to say the Vet 30 / ET65 combo will be exactly what you are searching for :-)

10/31/2016 5:48am

I bought the cabinet model I wanted and it came with two Eminence Wizards. My first experience with it cranking it up was doing tracks in the studio for an upcoming album. It sounded pretty good but they seemed to have some high end fizzy that I think the Reaper HP won't have. They had plenty of bass in the partial open back cab. I think the et65 would have too much. With the Reaper HP if I just want to add a little mid range harmonic content, would I be better off with a Vet 30 or an Invader 50?

11/02/2016 11:39am

Yes, I believe the Vet would be a good first choice for that ... probably a little more so that the Invader.

11/05/2016 3:47pm

After probably hours of listening to demos, I agree. I'll order a Vet 30 and Reaper HP in the next couple of weeks probably and report back on the results!

12/18/2016 7:48pm

Well I order the Reaper HP and finally got to install it today. I tested it right out of the box against the Eminence Wizard which is their high powered g12h30. The Reaper HP does not have the short comings the Eminence has. The midrange is warmer, and the highs are just a little less spiked. What a great speaker! Out with the Eminence for sure. Now I'm back to thinking an ET speaker might be a better match for me, but not sure between the ET65 or ET90. Sound samples sound to me like the 90 might be a little softer on the bass which would be fine with me unless I can round up a 16ohm Liberator, which seems to be close but a little nicer midrange than the ET65. Anyone try the Liberator, ET65, and ET90?