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GT-100 -> Velocity 300 -> 212/412 Cab -> Speaker?

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10/01/2016 4:38pm

Hi There,

I have read through the forum and got some good information, but not nailed down yet.

I have a Boss GT-100 that I was using with a Blackstar Metal 100 and Blackstar Meta 412, nice sound, but overly complicated when I play with headphones during the week, and only the stack on the weekend days. I only play at home, but am of the mindset of buy what you need the first time. However, having all sorts of different settings for each patch for each hook-up is overly complicted... that said... I returned the Blackstar Metal setup.

I am trying out a Tech 21 PE-60 that has a 70/80 in it, it is ok. I was thinking I get two of them for stereo with the GT-100, and put in either an ET65 or a Retro 30.  I started adding things up.. it would be better to get an empty Seismic 412 slant, and a Rocktron Velocity 300, with EL65 in the top, and Retro 30 in the bottom, wired for stereo. The Rocktron has the controlls on the front too, whereas the Tech 21 are on the back.

I may only do a 212, as Seismic has all birch in the 212, if I do that, which would be better with the GT-100? I play Priest, Ratt, some Megadeth, not the thrash, Godsmack, maybe Joe Satriani in the future.

Velocity in stereo - 4 ohm 150W, 8 ohm 75W.  I could do 8 ohms in parallel per side in the 412 for a 4 ohm load each side, and if 212 would stay safe with wattage with 8 ohm speaker per side

Can you give your thoughts on this proposed configuration?


Thanks so much