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Suggestions for vertical 2x12

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Barton Turner
10/01/2016 1:55pm



Long time WGS speaker user looking for some advice. I'm playing alt-country/red dirt right now, which is quite a change from my high gain 70's and 80's rock past.

I'm currently using a Goldtop with P90 pickups w/ 50's wiring through a Mesa Rectoverb 25 head into a vertical 2X12. I currently have a Reaper HP and an ET65 in the cabinet. It is too dark; I don't have the high end I want, and the front pick up is mud-city even though I have experimented with different capacitors. I typically prefer Greenbacks over the typical V30 tone. I like a defined sound; all the strings to be audible in a chord, and good harmonics. I need to lose some low end and mids and gain some top end. I'm playing low-mid gain tones.


What suggestions would you have for me? I'd like to keep both speakers the same. I've considered the Retro 30 and the Reaper, but I'm pretty open to suggestions.




10/04/2016 2:06pm

Ha!  I recently made a similar band change ... go figure ... anyway,  I'd keep the ET65 on the bottom and put a Retro 30 on top for a lot of nice sparkle.  Option number two would be to keep the Reaper on the bottom and put the VERY(!!) bright G12C over top of it ... that will brighten EVERYTHING above about 1.5Khz on up ... and those two speakers play well together.

Barton Turner
10/04/2016 6:19pm

Hmmmm, interesting. I had not considered te G12C, I'll have to check that one out.

Of the ET65 and the Reaper HP which of the two is the darkest? My ears tell me the ET65 is, but coming from the same cabinet it can be hard to tell for sure.

Barton Turner
10/06/2016 1:19pm

I tried to respond yesterday but I didn't see my reply so I'm trying again.

Thanks for the advice. After I posted I thought more about it and realized I had a Invader in an oversized 1x12 for a while and LOVED that speaker. How would that pair with the Retro 30? I'm guessing an Invader/G12C would be waaay to bright.



Barton Turner
10/06/2016 2:14pm

OK - this is my third try to reply so hopefully it appears this time.

After I posted it dawned on me that sometime in 2011 or 2012 I purchased an Invader for my high-gain set up to use in an oversize 1x12. What a great speaker that was! How would that sound with a Retro 30?  I'm afraid of getting too bright with the G12C so I'll probably shy away from that one.

Finally, it is usually recommended to put the darker speaker on the bottom of a vertical 2X12, or is it pretty much anything goes?




Barton Turner
10/07/2016 10:01am

So it appears to be a case of disappearing responses. This is the third time in as many days I've tried to reply. . . .LOL

I just thought after I posted the initial post; In either 2011 or 2012 I put an Invader in an oversized 1x12 for use with my high-gain setup and loved it. How would an Invader/Retro 30 pairing sound, in your estimation? I don't want to get crazy bright and that's what the G12C strikes me as being. I think my biggest issue right now is the bass and low mids are too pronounced and I need to brighten it moderately. I don't want to go overboard on the bright side.

Anyway. . . Retro 30/Invader? Do those play well together?

10/13/2016 3:05pm

First ... when you post your replies you will see a message that it has to be approved by one of us "moderators" ... we had to put this in place because we were over-run with folks wanting to use our forum to sell Viagra, etc!

Anyway ... the Invader/Retro 30 pairing might well be just the ticket for you ... but I think you would be happy with the ET65/Ret pair too.  One other thing you might try, since you already have them on hand to experiment with, is putting your Invader OVER the ET65 ... just in case...

As for which is darker ... The ET65 has more lower midrange 160-300Hz, but the Reaper has more low bass below 160Hz.

Barton Turner
10/19/2016 7:46am

I don't recall seeing the message about post needing approval, but I'm sure you are right and I just missed it. ADHD and all that.


So I ended up ordering a retro 30 and an invader and I'm going to experiment with different combinations. The other invader I had was an 8 ohm so I ordered a 16 ohm so it would be the same as my others. First combination I put in was the invader on bottom and retro on top and it is already much clearer and has better high end. Over the next few rehearsals I'll try it out and see what I think. Thanks for the feeback/advise. Sorry for posting multiple replies. I'll know how it works next time. LOL