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Speaker for a blues jr

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08/26/2016 1:47am


I have purchased a few WGS speakers and love them all.  I use HM75 speakers with a point-to-point hand wired boutique based on a JCM800 2204, and I love the match.  I put a veteran 30 in a Fender BDRI and love it. 

Now I want to make a change to my Blues Jr (mods plus 6v6 tubes).  Currently, I have a Celestion G12H30 Anniversary in it. It sounds really good, except for the occassional ice-pick thing.  I can almost dial it out, but not quite. I want some treble, but not the kind that cuts your ears.  Another thing with the Blues Jr (even with the mods) is that the bass is a little whimpy.  The bass is there with the current setup, but is a little weak.  The G12H30 gets me almost to where I want to sound to be, but it does not nail it.

Want: solid and tight lows - nice mids but smooth not spikey - creamy highs but not spikey - a little breakup with some clean overhead (but not too much).

I play blues rock, which includes so many other styles of music it is ridiculous. 

The WGS speakers I am considering for the Blues Jr are:  HM75, Reaper and ET65.

Which speaker would you recommend?  

Thanks, Jimmy Haggard


08/12/2017 10:58am

ET-65 hands down

08/26/2017 11:27am

Do a search ... this topic has been thoroughly covered here on the forum! In a nutshell:
HM75: NO WAY!!!
Reaper: The big magnet will almost rub the tubes, and it'll sound only marginally better than your G12H30.
ET65: Home Run :-)
See: https://wgsusa.com/search/node/blues%20junior%20cabinet