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Liberator 80 not listed anymore

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08/08/2016 4:39pm

Just wondering why it's not listed anymore on the British Invasion page. I got one earlier this year and love the speaker. I was going to get another in an 8 ohm version for another amp.

08/12/2016 4:04pm

Yes ... it seems as though the Lib has been retired!  Sorry!

If you like the Liberator, though ... you will LOVE the Invader even more!

08/16/2016 11:46am

I love the Invader.  I built and sold Cab 2X than what I paid.

invader is similar, IMO to Retro 30 sound (although I understand Vet 30 is closer).  But Invader isn't as harsh.  It blends tone on top end, rather than shimmer it.


and it doesn't apologize for brashness.

08/20/2017 9:46pm

So can we Custom order a Liberator 80 to match up what we have already ??

08/25/2017 5:47pm

You can special order a Liberator. It's probably easiest to call the shop and talk to Trevor or Daniel. Tell them I told you so on the forum. The only issue is that it will have to be a different color than the charcoal color they came in. I can build them in the Veteran gray or white like the ET's. Or suggest some other color if you like, if we have it in stock it won't be a problem but you may have to wait a little longer.