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5e3 Clone and the G12Q

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07/06/2016 1:40pm

Built this amp a few months ago and had an Eminence Swamp Thang in it. Nice speaker and very efficient. But just not what I was looking for.

Put in the G12Q last night and sounds fantastic! Not as loud as the Swamp Thang but that's a good thing for the Tube Depot 5e3 kit as it puts out about 18 watts. The G12Q made the amp very usable at home for that classic tweed tone. 

If I were going to use it for gigging would go one of the other G12's with higher dB rating.


This is my 7th WGS speaker purchase. You guys make great products right here in the US!

Thank you!


Hey, any chance you can send me a WGS hat for being such a loyalty customer :)





Neal Frost
09/13/2019 3:03pm

I will second the praise of the G12Q in a 5E3 circuit. I also built a Tube Depot kit. I made two changes: first I changed to a 5Y3 rectifier and increased the cathode bypass resistor to 330ohm... this gives me 80% 6V6 dissipation with the 5Y3 and 107% with the 5AR4... stock this thing was running at 140%! And yeah, I triple checked everything. Second, I replaced the Jensen Mod 50 watt with the G12Q. The Jensen wasn't bad... but it was a little too flubby and a little bit harsh... the WGS G12Q sounds amazing! Smooth and yummy.