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Replacement speaker for MusicMan 1x12 RD50.

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07/04/2016 1:40pm


Recently acquired a MusicMan RD50 amp. A relative of mine gave it to me. It didn't work at the time, fixed it. The amp does work properly now, but the amp has a lot of (harsh) highs. Really not comfortable to listen too. For that reason I'm looking for a good replacement speaker. This music man amp  is the version from the 80's and not the newer version with the neo speakers.

So I'm looking for a good replacement speaker that doesn't sound as harsh as the original one. Any suggestions?

Hope you can help me out.

Kind regards,

Tim Schipper

07/06/2016 11:27am

Yea man ... know those amps well!  That was still during the time when finding a single 12 that could handle 50 true tube-watts was a big order ... and the EVM12L that Boogie was using would have pushed the MM out of their intended price point.  Soooooooo .... they went with those square-magnet Eminence speakers .... and yes, they are quite harsh, a by-product of the power handling/stiff cones.

Anyway ... to REALLY sopten the amp, go with a G12C/S smooth-cone .... but, my 1st suggestion would be the smooth but balanced ET-65!

04/30/2019 3:25pm

So I finally did it. Took your advice after first trying out a EVM12L for a while. Let me say that I personally did NOT enjoyed that speaker in my RD50. The EV is far to honest for my taste and playing.

Build in the ET65, what a world of difference. This is the sound and the feel I was looking for.

Thanks again for the advice. It took me a while to listen, but eventually I did.