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68 Custom Princeton Reverb speaker replacement

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Clinton Lippencott
06/04/2016 2:11pm

New Fender 68 Custom Princeton Reverb. Stock speaker is the Celestion Ten 30. What WGS speaker would be the best replacement for maximized clean headroom and overall tone improvement?


06/05/2016 6:34pm

That's a super easy one!  The G10C  absolutely and for sure!

Clinton Lippencott
06/05/2016 8:46pm

I figured the G10C would be the recommendation. I was curious though if one might consider one of your British style speakers since fender decided to go with a little bit more of British flavor with the stock speaker.



06/08/2016 1:30pm

Also thinking about to replace the stock speaker. This amp is very dark sounding itself, so I think the brightest speaker available would be best. How would Veteran10 work with this amp, or do you still prefer G10C?

06/08/2016 1:45pm

So is the G10C brightest speaker available? This amp is pretty dark sounding itself. How would Veteran10 work, or do you still prefer the G10C?


06/11/2016 3:23pm

"absolutely and for sure!"

06/13/2016 11:34am


As Vaughn said, the G10C is just an outstanding speaker for the '68 Custom Princeton. You hit on one of the key factors in getting the absolute best tone from this amp, though, and that is to be mindful that it can be a little "dark". The key for me with this amp / speaker combination was to be careful and get some tubes for it that were not too gainy or dark by nature. After much discussion and research, I strayed away from the traditional tube recommenedations for the '65 PRRI and went with Genalex Gold Lion 12AX7's and TungSol 6V6 power tubes. These tubes are a little brighter by nature, still break up beautifully and are a great complement to the amp and speaker. The tone is just sublime.

Get the G10C. 

- Bob

08/04/2016 6:12pm

So what if i dont want any more clean headroom the 68 CP, i just want tighten up the low end at high volumes lit 8-10 on the dial. Would you guys still recomend the G10C

01/24/2018 2:01pm

I have the Princeton 68 Custom too and found it a little too dark for cleans. Works well with pedals, as it does not have a bright cap.

So I purchased the G10C but I am not liking it so far. I had a little more highs, but only marginally. But the mids from the Celestion where better. Not that the g10c sounds scooped in mids, but different mids (the ones which make it sound like a towel is on it).

Can you recommend a more British style speaker that would compliment it better? One with a lot of high, not too much lows and friendly mids?


01/25/2018 5:39pm

JJ 6V6S tubes have a more glassy 6L6 sound that might do the trick, and a lot cheaper than a new speaker. The Tung Sol are EL34-like lower-mid warm -- great for a classic DR sound. Otherwise, maybe a Celestion V-Type? If you like the Tung Sol, I'd get the TAD 6V6GT-STR or some ANOS Tung Sol rather than current production.

01/25/2018 5:51pm

Sorry. That's a 12" speaker. Not sure what 10" to recommend.

01/27/2018 4:35am

I did the R34 bass mod to the amp. Search for it on TGP or TDPRI, very easy to do.

Very happy now with the amp and the G10C. Bass is much more controllable now.

02/01/2018 8:27pm

"So what if i dont want any more clean headroom the 68 CP, i just want tighten up the low end at high volumes lit 8-10 on the dial. Would you guys still recomend the G10C"


12/18/2019 4:21am

I’m just making the upgrade in my ‘68 Custom Princeton Reverb from stock speaker to a g10c and need a bit of help. I’ve unscrewed the 4 mounting screws from the Celestion but I can’t remove the speaker. It won’t budge, as if it’s glued down. Anyone else come across this problem?

12/15/2020 12:43pm

I’m having the same issue....how did you solve yours?

12/22/2019 9:08pm

“Thump it” a little with your hand (or small rubber mallet) ... sounds like maybe it is stuck a little :-)