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WGS G8C - something with similar tone for a Deluxe Reverb?

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05/18/2016 9:07pm

Hi all


I have a 1974 Champ, and I have the WGS W8C in it. Used it at a rehearsal with a band last night. Had to use something small as we were in a residential area. It was simply superb, ran the Champ at about 7 on volume knob. Just perfect, I used a 64 strat, and it was just right..

But of course we were playing really quiet so it was JUST adequate for this situation. If I needed to be any louder it would be getting a whole lot more crunchy  and not much louder at all - for this band I need a clean sound for most things and the Champ just hung in there, getting a bit crunchy in the nicest possible way. So its not going to be enough for live. And I doubt its enough for even stage volume mic'd through a PA.

I have several good amps. But none of them are quite like the Champ with the WGS G8C.  

I have a 1972 Deluxe Reverb, with the 12" WGS12L in it. Its superb all in its own right of course but its not that much like the Champ!!!. Its the next size up that I have. The other amps I have are a 72 Super Reverb, a Bassman 59 clone.  They are not much like the champ :)

What I really want is an amp with more power than the Champ but with a similar tone and feel. The speaker really is the biggest contributor in my experience in shaping the tone of an amp.

So - If I want a similar tone to the G8C in a 12inch what do yall recommend? I realise the Champ has that circuit that makes it sweeter. What I am after is the balance of that G8C , it seems to be scooped just right, crisp and sweet in the highs, and the lows are right there.


05/23/2016 3:59pm

Oh yea ... the G8C is sweeeet in a Champ!  And the G12Q will give you that same tone in a Deluxe Reverb ... and will handle the power just fine.