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2x12 g12q cabinet for bugera v22hd

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05/13/2016 5:10pm

this combo any good? im into fender cleans/bluesy sound. sometimes play through a soul food pedal, which im sure you know is a transparent distortion. ive read that the g12q breaks up easy. thatd be my only concern i guess. any other combo suggestions would be appreciated to. thanks in advance. 

Or 2x12 G12C: have a bugera v22hd. How would this set up sound? I'm a clean fender blues type of fella... I've read that the g12q breaks up quick. Would be my only concern I guess. Trying stay away from a boomy, loose bass setup at higher volumes. I'll play the occasional transparent distortion stuff...like the soul food pedal type distortion. Thanks in advance. Other suggestions would be welcome.

05/15/2016 11:05am

I merged your two topics asking individually about the G12 C & G12Q ...

So, as you know, I love these amps! see:


I think you are on the right track ... the only speaker I found that I liked better than the STOCK Bugera speaker was the Blackhawk Alnico ... so if ya can afford them, go for it!  However, the G12Q & G12C are both very similar to the stock vintage voiced speaker used in the V22 ... so you can't go wrong with either, here are your considerations:

  1. How loud do you want the rig to be?  The G12C's will be MUCH louder than the G12Q's.
  2. How heavy do you want it? The G12C's will be MUCH heavier than the G12Q's.
  3. How much clean headroom do you want? The G12C's will have MUCH more than the G12Q's.
  4. How much brightness do you want? The G12C's will have MUCH more than the G12Q's
  5. Do you want it to be very rewarding even at low volume?  Here, the G12Q beats the G12C hands-down.

There ya go!  Now, please come back here and post your results so we can all benifit from them :-)

05/15/2016 12:14pm

thanks for the reply Vaughn... Lol. I didn't see my post right away when I made the thread, so I figured something was wrong on y end. Hence the two posts. You've given me some great points on these two speaker options. I did see the video of the et65 paired with the g12c. Seemed to be a good pairing. I like the tone of the invader. What about a pairing of sorts involving the invader?

05/16/2016 2:56pm

Yes!  this would be a great combo for this amp!   I don't think you'd like the Invader nearly as well with this amp.

06/29/2016 10:24pm

Well... alrighty then. I went with the favorited combo, consisting of the retro 30 and the et-65. I love the brightness, along with low end fill. I also like the fact that the low end is tight, not flubby/loose. At louder volumes, things stay under control. Things got loud in a hurry too, lol. Definitely gained some head room. I put these in a single 2x12 cab. The combo sounds great, right out of the box, and I'm sure they are only going to get better. Thumbs up from me!

07/06/2016 11:36am

Awesome!  Thanks for taking the time to post your results here ... and yes, that combo is my #1 recomendation ... and is NEVER a bad choice :-)