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ET65 or Retro 30 for a TECH 21 trademark 60?

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Keith Wilkes
05/13/2016 9:47am

What would you ET 65 or a Retro 30 for the Tech 21 trademark 60?  Also, the speaker loads in the front---is this a problem for either speaker being too bid in the frame to do this?

Thanks...appreciate all input and if anyone else has tried either speaker in this amp....

05/23/2016 4:02pm

Either should front-load just fine.  The ET65 will get you a more organic "tube-like" tone ... while the Retro will give a chimey top and a big bottom.

10/07/2016 9:57pm

It appears the Et65 is the speaker for me for this amp. I have two questions.

 1 This is a 60 watt amp. Will the Et 65 handle it?


2 I play my strat and tele thru this amp everything from Kinks, Jethro Tull, Blues, Country. I have also just started using it with my Martin dreadnought with Fishman under bridge pick up. this is done clean on channel 1 and it sounds better than expected. Will Et 65 make both the electric and acoustic sound better? Knowing I also play acoustic thru the amp would you recommend a different speaker?

from reading this forum I understand I may need to enlarge the baffle hole and I am alright doing that.


thank you.

10/13/2016 3:10pm

Oh yea, the ET65 will easily handle the power!  If you do tackle that "small hole" issue ... please post back here to let us all know how it went!

Keith Wilkes
05/27/2016 8:08am

I am finding any new 12" speaker frame is too big by maybe 1/8" for the hole in the Tech 21 speaker baffle......I tried an ET90 thinking it would be great for this amp.....speaker frame is too big by just a little.....


Any ideas?  I sure do not want to try and enlarge this speaker baffle by 1/8" all the speaker frame for the retro 30 or G12cs just a bit smaller?



Thomas Pennington
06/01/2016 3:02pm

I tried to install a Retro 30 some time back.  Same problem as you are having.  Frame will not go all the way in.  Still running the amp all stock.  But, it sounds good as is.


06/03/2016 10:39am

Wow!  That size has been "standardized" for many years .... hard to believe they went with a non-standard size cut-out!

I guess we'll need to start warning customers about this on this particular model ... uggg!

Daniel Burgun
09/09/2017 7:41am

You can rear load a WGS speaker, just flip the T nuts and remove the metal chassis.