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Strat pickup replacement

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Clinton Lippencott
04/11/2016 10:29pm

Mid 90s model Mexican Strat

Alder body/Rosewood board

Wanting to replace the stock pickups with one of your sets. Not sure which I should choose. Classic county, classic rock, and blues. 




04/12/2016 5:37pm

Okay ...

"Classic county, classic rock, and blues. "

That kinda covers most of the usual Strat tones!  I'm going to say the Historic 1959 Set ... they cover all the bases.  That's what was in Stevie Ray Vaughan's "number 1" ... and they nail his neck tone!  Plus, the bridge pickup does excellent classic rock ... and the bridge also nails what most folks are looking for in classic country ... as does the middle, especially when wired to my suggested tone one on neck and tone two on bridge.  Plus, the "in-between" positions are pure Strat bliss.

From my pickup box insert sheet:

All my Single Coil sets now include a .1uf tone capacitor.  This is the original value Leo chose, and it’s also used on nearly all Custom Shop Fenders … I believe the .047 & .022 caps found on newer Mexican and low end Strats & Teles sound thin & brittle, so I suggest using the .1uf cap!

ON STRATS: I also suggest wiring the second (bottom) tone control to the BRIDGE pickup (as are most Custom Shop/high-end Strats); not to the MIDDLE pickup, as are most lower-end Strats.  If you do not understand this slight mod, please consult a qualified guitar tech!

Clinton Lippencott
04/12/2016 5:49pm

Awesome. I be ordering soon. Are there any other wiring/electronic changes that you would suggest while putting the 59s in my strat? I have limited knowledge in this area. Will be taking it to a guitar tech. Just wondering if I should have him do or replace anything else.



04/12/2016 6:40pm

Probably no other wiring changes I'd suggest.  Some folks add in the ability to have the neck & bridge together (which isn't available on a standard 5-way s/w), but that combo doesn't really do much for me anyway.  Same goes for the series/parallel and out of phase options.  The 3 pickup strat with a 5-way switch and the slight tone mods I detailed above make for a really versatile guitar!

Clinton Lippencott
04/13/2016 10:36am

Should I get all North? Or South/North/South? Can you give a brief explanation of the difference?

04/14/2016 10:33am

I definitely prefer the reverse wound and reverse polarity middle pick up… I know that's not vintage spec, but not only does it provide hum cancellation in positions two and four on a modern five-way switch, but in my opinion it also makes for more complex and beautiful sounds in those positions as well!

Clinton Lippencott
06/04/2016 2:00pm

The 59 Historic Set sounds incredible. Thanks man.

06/05/2016 6:38pm

Cool beans man ... thanks for taking the time to post your results!