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Fender Blues Junior: ET65 vs ET90

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03/28/2016 4:03pm

I'm looking to replace the stock speaker in my Fender Blues Junior III. I know this is a fairly standard topic here in the forum, but i have two specific questions that I'm hoping will help me make my chioce.

I discovered WGS a couple months ago (on Instagram) and finally decided to take the jump and swap out my amp's speaker. After watching several Youtube videos and reading reviews (and this forum!) I had decided on the ET65. But... then i started to look into the ET90. Because, the more headroom the better, right?

I mostly play bluesy rock, but also enjoy really ambient stuff awash in layers of delay and reverb.

Here are my quesitons:

1)  I have found that sometimes when i'm playing really ambient stuff with lots of reverb, the stock BJ speaker will "fart" a bit. I'm pretty sure this is speaker distortion that i'm hearing. I'm assuming some of this will be solved by moving from the stock 50W speaker to a higher quality speaker with more headroom like the ET65. But my question is, would the ET90 be able to handle that much more of this type of sound as it is a 90W speaker? Will it give me more room for more layers of tonal goodness?

2) I have read that when you get into some speakers with bigger magnets you have to make sure that you actually have the room for them in the amp cabinet. Is this a concern at all with the ET90 and the Blues Junior III? Do i need to worry about spacing? How about if i plan to complete the BillM mods in the future and swap out the transformer?

Any feedback on the above questions is appreciated!

Daniel St Peters
04/03/2016 7:58pm

So I wasn't totally familiar with the BJ3 so I looked it up and watched some demos and what I was looking for was, "how bright is this amp?".  Well, seems it's plenty bright and, as such, I believe you'd be just fine with an ET65 in there.  It has such an awesome sound whether in a closed or open back case and the highs are nicely controlled so you'll never get any shrillness in your sound.  I've been pushing mine with a pretty bright 4 x 6V6 amp and never feel like ear fatigue is coming even though they are paired off with 2 Mode 4 Celestions (hellatone 60L)  Anyway, with a 15watt amp, you're going to have all the headroom you need from the 65 and, in my opinion, the 90 would just be overkill in that department.  However, my ears tell me the 90 has just a slight bit more top and bottom end - but just barely.  So, if you're worried about the top end being too much - just stick with the 65 as it'll do what  you're looking for.


04/07/2016 10:27am

Yep ... what vr6pilot said ... plus ... the ET65 has a "medium" magnet that fits in the BJ ... the ET90's "heavy" magnet doesn't fit well!

05/25/2017 2:41pm

But even if it's tight will ET90 fit in Blues Jr 111?cause that what I have kicking around right now was gonna give it a try.

05/31/2017 11:42am

autobuyer: if ya got one ... go ahead and give er a try! But, I think the tubes will actually be pushed right up against the magnet (not good)