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Another Super Reverb question.....

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03/20/2016 9:33am

I have been reading through these Q&A's getting great info.  The last time I ordered speakers it was much harder to get WGS in Canada (yeah borders fees!) so I was really pleased to see the distrubutor in Quebec (I am in Ontario).


Anyways, the Super Reverb is one of my bucket list amps.  I have played a couple, they were silverface that have been blackfaced (both the 45 watta and 70 watt).  I loved them.  I am a HUGE SRV fan and have been recently digging deep into Derek Truck's slide playing (enough so that bought a nice Epi Korina SG that is dedicated for slide now, haha).  

My question, I have the opportunity to buy a silverface Super Reverb that has been blackfaced (but since my favourite hobby is repairing/modding tube amps, I will see if it's done properly), it will need a retube as it was gigged regularly by a band I know well (hello TAD 6L6gc's, and I shall dip into my stash of old RCA black plates for the preamps).  But, 2 of the speakers were swapped out with speakers from a none functioning Bassman 10 (haven't seen what those are yet, sorry) and the remaining speakers consist of one original and one newer Jensen, BUT he said he has the other originals still, so I was hoping to see what they are and whether they are toasted or not. I will be rebuilding the Bassman 10 for the guy so I am thinking of telling him to take the 2 speakers back and drop the price accordingly.

I was thinking a pair of Veteren 10's could replace those, but I am wondering how those would match up with the original Super speaker's if I can get 2 of the 4 that work.  I don't know the exact year, but it's definitely not the ultra linear 70 watt model as I did quickly look the amp over at a gig.  


Sorry I don't have all the info, I have been trying to go see the thing for a week now.  I will post back as soon as I get more info.


Cheers and thank's for the great blog, wish I had discovered it sooner!


03/21/2016 2:45pm

Yes, they should be on EVERY guitar players "bucket list"!

First ... get those orig speakers ... if they are the CTS Alincos of the 70's, then they are my favorite ever SR speaker ...

Then see if they all work and go from there.

04/10/2016 11:39am

Thank you very much for the quick response, I apologize for leaving you hanging there as I do appreciate the help.  The deal I was trying to make went a bit stagnant and my friend's brother (the seller) hasn't completely decided if he wants to sell the amp.  

The good news is that I found something better.  I was able to buy a 1970 Super Reverb!

The pros:

CTS Alnico speakers

Output and both chokes are original

Reverb tank is original

It's pre master volume with a tube rectifier (haven't had time to pull the chassis and nail down which circuit it is, but it's down to either AA1069 or AA270 obviously).

It was completely gone over by a qualified tech in Toronto about 5 years ago and has had very little use since

It was recapped with Sprague Atoms 

The amp is in pretty decent shape, not a tone of wear and it functions perfectly with absolutely no hum.


The cons:

1 of the Alnico speakers is blown (cone is ripped really badly) and it was replaced with a really cheap speaker (I do have an Eminence Ragin Cajun sitting around that could work for now, though I don't know how it would match up sensitivity wise)

Power transformer was replaced (not a huge deal to me, and they DID use a nice Allen amplification power transformer)

When retubed they used a 5AR4 rectifier, which is correct for the blackface circuit, but the 5U4gb was used in silverface circuits and apparently has more sag.  This is easy enough to change and see what I like best as the Allen power transformer is more then sturdy enough for either tube.   But I have read that the 5AR4 will push the B+ up a bit also. 


So I am very happy with my purchase, but the blown speaker is on the top of my to do list right now.  There is a very good chance I will black face the circuit (AA763 with my preferred bias circuit, not the balance circuit) and at some point get a nice matched set of TAD 6L6gc power tubes (I have a healthy stash of old stock preamps to be used).  I am all for getting the speaker rebuilt, but I have no idea where to send it considering I am in south western Ontario.


Thank you again and any comments or guidance is always appreciated!





04/11/2016 9:13am

I cringe everytime I search for anything beyond the mainstream. Why? Because being in Canada it always SEEMS like there is a ton available, but then you realize so many companies/distrubuters don't ship to Canada or the price difference is horrendous (much more then the simple currency conversion).  Then there is shipping......which is more then the part you are buying a lot of the time.

(I know I know, queue the violins and sympathy hugs, lol)


I just got an email quote for reconing the blown CTS Alnico.  The response was that the cost to recone a 10" 8 ohm speaker is about $100.  No mention of the brand or availability of kits or parts, etc.  The response was quick and courteous, which is nice,  but some more details would been nice (experience with similar speakers, etc) Their website DOES list repairs for PA, Studio, Musical Instrument and Vintage speakers, so I guess I should ask for more details.


I am leaning towards getting a pair of Veteren 10's and pairing them with 2 of the 3 good CTS alnico's.  Any thoughts on this combination?

04/11/2016 12:19pm

A few thoughts ...

My main gigging Super Reverb actually has ONE WGS G10C, a pair of Jensen P10Q Alnicos, and a single CTS Alnico ... and it makes a VERY nice tone.  The single G10 is the predominate voice of the amp (& the speaker I mic) ... as they are Sooooo much more efficient than the little Alnicos.  So, you might want to just try a single G10 with the three original CTS 10s.

Also, yes, your option of two Vet 10s and two CTS is great ... and tyhe Vet 10s will live in about the same sonic place as the original 10s.

And last ... if you want to make the amp huge ... with tons of bottom ... go for a PAIR of G10Cs with the old CTS 10s above them.

04/11/2016 3:33pm

Thank you again.  It's hard to get good first hand (and non biased, since we all are at times) opinions on speakers, especially for the almost the exact amp I am using.

I am really going for an SRV tone area, but over the years have realized that I don't want his exact tone, so maybe with a tiny bit more grit.  Not sure if the that means mids.  I use a tubescreamer clone, but tend to only use that, as my other pedals are just for fun here and there.   I play a partscaster I built with vintage output singles and a parts-tele I built with vintage output singles.  

That G10C could just do the trick.  Thank you for that as I hadn't considered that combination.  

Cheers, I will keep this updated once I get the new speaker!



04/13/2016 6:38pm

Yesterday I put the Ragin Cajun in the bottom, left the 3 good CTS speakers in there and decided to pull the chassis and check the bias while I was there.  Wow, the guy said it was completely overhauled 5 years back, he wasn't kidding.  Some one did a great job, already converted the bias circuit to AA763 and installed 1ohm resistors for quick checking.  The plate voltage was 450V, which makes sense since it's running a 5AR4 rectifier tube, which pushes the voltages up a bit.  I have a 5u4gb on order to see if I like that and since the silver face transformers were made to run a 5u4gb.  Used RCA blackplates for v1 and 2, EH12at7 (I don't have any oldie 12at7 tubes) for v3 and 6, chinese for the trem driver and an amperex (that was somehow already in the amp) for v5 since the second half is a gain stage for the vibrato channel.

This thing is singing, but the ragin cajun is still just a temporary fix, I am leaning towards the G10C.  I had it in my head that 2 veteren 10s were the way to go, but I think the G10C will fill out the highs the way I want and maybe tighten up the bass just a little?  Am I wrong?


One other question, not really important I guess. When installing the ragin cajun I noticed that it's magnet pulled the wrench out my hand multiple times, as it's a big ceraminc.  But the CTS alnicos didn't pull on the wrench much at all.  I don't know the ins and outs of alnico vs ceramic, but I have read that when reconing you should have the magnets degaussed and regaussed.  Just wondering if this is normal or if the magnets could be getting weak.  Again, not a big deal really, just my brain never shutting off, haha.


Thank you