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Fender Deville 4x10 Replacements?

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02/29/2016 8:18pm

Hey guys,

I'm in the middle of refinishing and upgrading my Fender DeVille 4x10. I had a tone mod done (replaced the puny tone caps!) and to be honest I'm pretty happy with the sound I have right now. With that said though, I was really impressed with Vaughn's demo video. I really enjoyed how cleaned up your speakers sound and it seems like you might offer a reasonably priced upgrade path.

I'm curious - what speakers would you recommend as a suitable upgrade for the stock 4x10s? I see that they are licensed Fender speakers rated at 8ohm/30W each.

I primarily play clean, minimal/no effects, and mild to medium gain through P90s mostly.

Thanks in advance!


03/01/2016 10:29pm

Crazy as it may seem ... in a 4x10 ... the little Veteran 10's just can't be beat (except maybe by NOS 1968-73 CTS Alnico 10's ... good luck finding them)

04/24/2018 8:43pm

I blew out two of the blue alnico speakers in my blues deville 410 and decided to install new tubes, fix a couple broken jacks, and get new speakers. The guy who did the work recommended Warehouse. I was struggling with what to get also so I emailed warehouse customer service. The guy recommended (2) G10c and (2) G10c/s, installed diagonally from each other. I’ve got the amp on an attenuators so I can actually crank it up and it sounds so perfect...like how I always wanted this amp to sound. I have a crybaby and a germanium fuzz face and it sounds so sweet with them too.

04/27/2018 5:54pm

Awesome combination! But, yea boy ... I bet ya need that attenuator, cuz that probably doubled the volume of that amp!

Michael McWilliams
03/19/2019 12:33pm

Are the Vet 10s less ice-picky compared to the old Eminence 10s in the 4x10 Deville? I bought a used HRD and while it doesn't sound terrible, it tends assault the ear drums in the upper registers.

Michael McWilliams
03/28/2019 10:11pm

I took a leap of faith and purchased two Vet 10s to go with two Green Beret 10s for my Fender Hot Rod Deville. The 10s are on the top and the GBs are on the bottom. It's a nice mixture of tone - the Green Berets provide some midrange and bottom to compliment the Vet 10s that are bright and a little brittle at this stage, but not overly so. However, once the Vets break in, they should darken up little and provide a nice round tone with an emphasis on the top end -- the Fender sound. Happy so far!