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Speaker for Fender Bassbreaker 15

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Gary L Gaddis
02/26/2016 8:35am

I plan on getting a Fender Bassbreaker 15 1x12 combo next month. I'm concerned the stock V-type speaker with 31oz magnet might be thin sounding. Any ideas on a replacement?


02/27/2016 1:20pm


02/27/2016 2:51pm

If I am right, Bassbreaker 15 means 15w power. But a 12" speaker.

I´d doubt the V-Type being a thin sounding speaker. Nonetheless another speaker can be an upgrade, depending on which sound you´d like to have.

Maybe a Reaper55 ?

03/01/2016 10:24pm

Just googled it ... it's a new animal to me ... so ... sorry, but I can't be of much help here :-(

It is kinda cool looking, though!

11/03/2017 10:53am

I picked up a BassBreaker 15 head several months ago, and have played it through a 410 with Emis inside, and also with a vintage Crate G120C 2x12 using just the cab -- also Emi speakers. Through the 410 it's huge, and would only be better with better speakers, but four times lots of money isn't happening! through the Crate it's really harsh and unpleasant when driven. I'm going to swap out one and then two of the Crate 12" speakers, and once I find what I'm looking for I'll build either two 1x12 cabs or a single 2x12. Sounds I like are roots -- where blues, country, folk, and rock come together, but I also love the sounds of Gilmour, Knopfler, SRV et al. On that basis, I suppose I lean slightly more towards American-voiced speakers, BUT, given that I have the HotRod Deville (that's the 410 cab), I'm looking for a different way of getting the most out of my BB15, which seems to blend Fender/Vox/Marshall tones together. I was recommended the ET-65 but from Vaughan's numerous demos, I feel that the Reaper sounds better although I can't begin to imagine either speaker with this particular amp of course. One professional review said that they felt the made-in-heaven speaker for this amp would be the Red Fang or equivalent alnico... And my own favourite speaker heard through Deluxes and Tweed-style amps is the Emi Alessandro GA-SC64 though I have no idea if WGS has anything like this one -- again, though, I can only guess the result with the BB15.

I love high end shimmer and chime but hate icepicks. I like warm, fat bass, and am not so enthused by in-your-face mids. I normally stay in the edge-of-breakup to warm OD and crunch sounds through a Tele, 335, and vintage SG. High efficiency isn't a requirement, rather, I like lower efficiency speakers for lower usable volumes.

The BB15 has been around a while now, and there might be a lot more thoughts on speaker possibilities. Hopefully someone can chime in :)