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Peavey ValveKing 2 extension cab build ET-65

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02/15/2016 1:01pm

My first ext cab build was for my Peavey ValveKing 2 50 watt Combo. The greeenie stock in is very harsh. I am dialed in tone wise for this next 'touring session'' and wanted to leave the combo alone, has a very good sound stock. So, i spent 4 months listening to every speaker i could, money was not an issue and i found the Et-65...i wanted to balance the harsh stock speaker and the ET-65 did. I am blown away, i have a great sound that is all mine. I built the cab(1x12 open back) to match the combo but made it 12" deep, it is an ovesize cab, but man does this rig sound tight and clear. I am now going to build 4 more cabs and always run an ET-65 as my balance and compliment with dif WGS.options. Def getting a few dif ones to 'color" my sound. This was my first venture into cab building and speakers and from now on, i will build everthing. Can make it super solid and what ever degree of "open" you want. The Et-65 is xactley as specified. keep in mind most stock cabs are built on the weak side for cost reasons..don't skimp on cabs and speakers..that is where your sound projects from....WGS ET-65 is a very quality product !!