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New WGS ET65 mix with Invader a good recommendation ?

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01/27/2015 11:02am
ET65 plus Invader Question

Hi Folks, hi Vaughn, its been a long time playing my fav 2x12er cab with

2 Speakers of the ET 65, and in change a mix of Retro 30 plus ET 65 which sounds

awesome good, best allround for different styles.

Now I have another 2x12cab, small size like a marshall bluesbreaker cab but semiopen.

For that idea I think about to put in a ET65 and a Invader, both speakers have nearly

the same db and watt.... Is it right???

But is the invader really truly a Greenback sound speaker? In the demos I find that the

lead sound sometimes for me a little bit too much highs and sharp, a little bit.

But maybe that completed the sound of the ET65 well??


If someone would like to talk about the difference in tone between the mixes

ET 65 plus Retro 30 = sound, clean as lead vs to

ET 65 plus Invader = sound, clean as well as lead???

This cab should work for clean styles, moderate blues & rock'n roll...

Thanks for experience and recommendations what should work well.



01/31/2015 7:32am

Hello guys,

Hope all is well with you! I need a little help....guidance more like it...

I have listened to so many You Tube clips as well as clips posted here that I have become so confused about what to buy. I am a long time user of the ET65 (love it) and I am building a 2x12 cab now but I want to try a different set up. I am thinking an ET65 and Retro 30 and I see these most used in a open back design. I am building a closed back O.D. 30"x 20.5"x11.5". It will be a 3/4" solid pine body with a 1/2" birch baffle and 1/2" back cover (braced) and I wanted to see if this combo would be the best for a closed design. If not please get me going in the right direction. 

Whats best: It will be ran with a DR. Z Maz 18 head and also used with a Peavey Triumph 60 watt head.

ET65 and a Retro30 or 2-ET65's? I can't go wrong with 2 ET65" but wanted your thoughts.

Vaughn,your videos are excellent and for us average musicians/players you rock and we appreciate you!

All the Best,


02/04/2015 9:27am

Hi Cliff ... well, the Maz 18 can get REALLY bright in a hurry ... so for it, I'd go with a pair of ET65's!

I'm not familiar with the Peavey ... sorry!

02/06/2015 5:14am

Thanks Vaughn,

You are correct about the Maz being bright. The Peavey Triumph was several generations before the XXX and 5150 design. I believe I will use the ET65's and thank you so much for your reply!

Keep posting the You Tube vids! 


02/04/2015 9:25am

Hi Holly...long time!

What amp will you be using with this cab?  If it's below about 60-watts ... I'd suggest a ET65 & a Green Beret over the Invader !

02/06/2015 5:32am

Hi Vaughn, nice hearing from you!   Yes its been a long time but

during this I play a lot with my very good ET65-Retro mix cabinet!!!

semiopen - very loud and musical.


Another Cab now to tame a little bit the Retro 30 in a mix!

Therefore I will get the mix ET 65 - plus Invader or Green Beret??

The Amp is a 30 watt PRS tubehead, 6L6 tubes....

It you have the idea....

Nowaday I test it with the Invader-ET65 mix, but maybe I have then to change to the Beret?

But I read a lot that the INvader sounds more warmer than the Green Beret???

Have good Time with us Vaughn Greetings Holly

02/09/2015 8:11pm

Hey Holly ... Actually ... given what you are looking for, You might want to try the ET65/Reaper combination ... it would be very thick, organic, and juicy ... yet still very musical :-)

07/21/2015 12:50pm

I had Invader/Reaper HP mix.

It was suggested by staff.  I didn't like it too well.  I only play low volumes.  But that was over a year ago and I was still into learning about speakers phase.

but I did sell the Cab for maybe twice than what I paid.

It was Crate V series 2X12.  did both 16 and 8 Ohm singles, which is like 3 Cabs in one.  Plus I had sold the Crate speakers for what I paid for the Cab.