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New speaks for my tsl602 combo

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03/17/2015 9:54pm

I recently pulled my Marshall tsl602 out of storage to start playing again. I stored it away shortly after purchasing it back in 2001-02 ,so it never really had any play time on it. Anyway, the stock Wolverines are just too flat and dark by themselves. They do sound better at higher volumes, but still not bright enough or have the clarity/sparkle I would like.

I'm looking at replacing them or mixing them with the Retro 30's. Either mix one retro with one wolverine in the combo amp for now to see how it sounds. If I like it, I might do the same in a 2x12 extension cab. At least I will have the same tone mix in the amp and the cab. The other route would be to put two retro 30's in the combo amp and put the two stock wolverines in an extension cab.

I think the mixed would be least I'll have the same tone regardless if I have the extra cab hooked up or not.

Am I on the right track with the retro 30's, regardless if I mix the wolverines or not? After a lot of reading and listening to sound samples and vid comparisons...they seem to be what I need.