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New speakers for Peavey 6505 cab

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01/01/2013 12:16pm

Looking to swap the speakers in my 6505 cab ...great quality cab but horrible  stock speakers  dull and bright play loud high gain metal..the amp is a peavey 6505 + ..looking for nice tight low end..a little kick in the mids..and a nice clear top end...want the cab to sound huge and balanced  but powerful..this will be first experience with WGS any suggestions will be greatly appreciated ...

01/02/2013 2:17pm

We often recommend the HM75's for folks in your circumstance.

If it were me, I'd probably go w/Retro 30's.

If you want to take your tone a little more in the classic Celestion tone direction (ie AC/DC VanHalen) then consider Invaders.

Hope this helps, please report back!

01/02/2013 3:32pm

Thanks for the response ..I really like what ive heard from the vet and the well would they mix afraid from what ive heard the retro may be too bright for my amp...thanks

01/02/2013 5:32pm

I've never tried that combo ... so I'm just not sure ... I don't think it would be bad, both are in sort of a standard modern Marshall voice ... not extra snarley, but with just a little hair on the sack.

If ya give it a try, please post back & let us all know your results!

01/04/2013 8:50pm

I do like the tone of the you think they would hold up well for lower tunings?what kinda breakup?thanks