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New speakers for my Genz Benz GFlex 412

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10/24/2013 11:15am

Hello!! I am looking to put some new speakers in my cab. I've always heard the stock Eminence speakers in these cabs are awesome, however when I received mine, the speakers had been changed out to Randall Jaguars. But I can't complain too much because I paid less than $200 for my cab haha.

While I do like the Jaguars(they are the old 80 watt Eminence-made RES-80's, not the new crappy ones), I can't help but feel like I can do better. I play a Krank Krankenstein Plus(6550 power tubes) through it and I use a 7 string, so I guess it's pretty obvious that I play pretty heavy stuff haha. With that said, I'm not into scooped overly gainy tones. I leave my gain around 4-5 and use a lot of mids and leave my bass at 5 or below. However the GFlex by nature is a very low end heavy cab and I would like something that kinda put some emphasis on the mids but at the same time I don't want a speaker that is overly bright because the Krank is already really aggressive. I also need something isn't gonna fart out under bass heavy tones because even with the bass low on my amp, it still has a big low end, kinda like that of a Recto but tighter.....which is why I got the GFlex cab as I knew it could handle the lows of my amp with no issues, which it does, but the Jaguars tend to fart a bit on palm mutes a bit. I'm sure this wouldn't have been an issue with the stock speakers, but what can you do??


Would the Veteran 30 be a good match for this cab or would the Retro 30 be better?? I know the Retro 30 has better low end handling than the Vet, but it also has more highs so I'm afraid of it being a little too bright and "hairy" sounding. Or is that even an issue with this speaker? I've always been a V30 fan and that would have been my first choice for this cab but I've checked out some Vet 30 and V30 recorded comparisons lately and I feel the Vet actually sounds like the V30 should. But I'm unsure about the Retro 30 as I haven't been able to find any higher gain recordings with it. But on paper it appears to potentially be a better choice for me....once again not sure. If anyone could weigh in I would appreciate it!!!!!