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New speakers for Mesa/Boogie TA-30

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Joshua Drane
08/10/2014 4:09pm
Me again. I have recently ordered a Mesa/Boogie TA-30 amplifier head (40w). I have a 2x12 Ported Cab with Jensen Jet-Series Falcons in them. Should I feel like I could get more out of this amplifier, what speaker would be recommended for a thick, bluesy sound that I could also thrash some hair metal to if my anger swing kicks in. I run a strat and a les Paul.
Joshua Drane
08/20/2014 9:12pm

I opted to go with the reaper paired up with my green beret that I had bought. So far... LOVING it!

08/21/2014 8:00am

Cool ... thanks for posting your results! Yea, the Reaper/GB is a classic pairing that's often just what the Dr. prescribed :-)

Hey, out of curiosity, what did you not like about the Jensen Jets?  I've never heard them & need to be schooled...

Joshua Drane
09/04/2014 4:22pm

It's not that I didn't like them, my mesa ta-30 didn't. My orange dark terror and Vox night train loved them. Extremely versatile speaker that can chug hair metal or play country to jazz and blues. Best for electric blues if you ask me. However, the nature of the boogie's bottom end and the loose bottom end of the Falcon did not mix well in my ears for anything other than jazz. I guess I needed the natural compression of a greenback style speaker to get what I wanted. But for their price, they're awesome speakers.

Joshua Drane
01/07/2015 10:49am

I hope you don't mind my posting a demo recorded (flat eq) for a sound-check before a session. The speakers have had plenty of time to break in and the eq is flat in the mixer and bass rolled off a little bit (11 o'clock) on the amp with reverb set at about 1 o'clock.