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New Speakers for 4x12

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07/13/2012 1:20am

I have a Raven 4x12 and I have 2 heads. 1 is the Laney GH100L and an Egnater Tweaker 88, but i dont use them at the same time. I nned something that will sound good with both heads. I play with an overdriven tone, not gainy saturated metal but a crunchy driven sound. I play in a hardcore band so i need a smooth sounding speaker to power through our other guitarists V-style scooped tone (MXR 10 band eq in his FX loop). I was thinking about the ET-65. Does anybody have any recomendations?

07/16/2012 10:03pm

You know (!!) I'm a huge fan of the ET65 ... however, in your case, I'd go with HM75's and/or Britt Leads.

I think the ET65's would bee too warm for what you are after.

Hope this helps ... as always, please post back with your results so we can all learn from it :-)