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New Low Powered WGS 12" for My Princeton...

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01/06/2013 9:06pm

A couple of weeks back I bought a WGS speaker after talking with a nice guy on the phone. I was looking for a speaker to replace the RW&B that came in my new Gries 12. I've heard the RW&B sound great in certain "D"-style amps, but I just wasn't digging it in this application. After explaining what I didn't like, and what I wanted to hear, I was told that you guys were working on a lower-powered 12" that could be just the thing. I was also told that even though it's not an "offical model", I could order one - so, I took a chance.

Well, it went in the Gries tonight and Oh My God! This thing is absolutely the most fun I've had in some time! Perfect match for a Princeton. Plenty bright, but no ice-pick. Perfect punchy mids, with howl, but no nasal qualities. And, perfect tight bass that's still big and warm. Best part is how the speaker "felt" to play. It was fast and extremely responsive. It made the little Gries come alive and alive with a definite vintage personality. (The weight savings is also greatly appreciated!)

You guys really hit it out of the park with this one. Seriously, I have heard a lot of speakers in a lot of amps... and I was expecting good, but I never thought it would sound this "settled in" and "right" directly out of the box. All I can say is THANK YOU and I hope I didn't spoil some big new model news release. :-)  For this reason, I won't post my results on TGP, until I hear that it's okay here first. I don't even know what you're calling this speaker, but I can tell you one thing - you can stop fiddling with it, because the formula is right!

01/13/2013 10:18pm

Maybe we should have YOU name the thing ... :-)

01/15/2013 9:24pm

Haha! :) It's such a small magnet that I don't think "Best Speaker You'll Probably Hear This Year" is going to fit. ;) You know what I would call it... how about the Lightning 12? It's lighter, faster, and has good snap to it. Yep, that's what I would call it. Kinda fits its character. Oh, is it okay if I post about this speaker on TGP, or is this still to be kept on the down-low?

01/17/2013 12:58pm

Hey John, I've been waiting for you to post your opinion on the speaker in your thread on TGP. I was starting to think the speaker was horrible and you were just being kind! If you think that much of it then please post where ever you want to!;) Glad it's working for you. I think David is going to call it a G12Q but not positive. While we can build a few at this time, it will probably be 6 to 8 weeks before we have enough of everything to go into peoduction. Again, thanks for the kind words and I'm glad you are getting such a kick out of it!!

Dean Birdsong

Production Mgr. WGS


02/08/2013 4:52pm

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