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New "Liberator" Praises

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08/19/2011 11:35pm

Just installed in my Fender Mustang II modeling combo and could not be more happy.

I would highly recommend the Liberator for any 1x12 combo, solid state or tube amps. Really cant imagine this speakers voice sounding bad in any configuration though. Turned it into a real amp, shaved the ice picky harshness, warmed up the upper mids, increased the middle mids for a perfect musical cut and ear pleasing definition. Low end responds with deep authority without sounding woofy. And with the modeling technology and 40 watt power plant of the Mustang, I wanted to make sure there was no speaker breakup to let the modelers take care of that realm and that puppy exceeded my expectations in all aspects. And I am one picky, tone chaser. Really, I have an illness regarding finding tones that inspire me to create better and you now have a customer for LIFE!

Great job WGS! I have been a Celestion guy exclusivley for over 30 years of pro playing. Not any more, cant wait to do some replacing in my larger stage rigs. I am a believer and I want to seriously thank you for your pursuit and achievments of excelence in tone.

Plus it's great to see a US company rising to the top. And the top is definately your destination.

I will be spreading the word for you all around BIG D Texas and beyond. Now proudly flying the WGS flag!

Thanks again WGS!


01/05/2012 5:09am

Hi friend.


I was thinking on liberator 80. I saw your coments about liberator. Tha blackstar is a amplifier with much mids and the liberator will stay good?