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Need two speakers that will match well with my two G12H30s in a 4x12 cab

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02/23/2012 1:19pm

I just purchased an Orange Tiny Terror 15 Watt Amp, and while it sounds absolutely amazing on the G12H30 side of my 4x12 cab, it doesn't sound so great on the Vintage 30 side.  So, I'm looking to replace the Vintage 30s with something that will sound great matched with the G12H30s.  I usually play Alternative and Hard Rock, so I'm looking for something with an articulate thump but not too bassy.  Thanks!

02/24/2012 8:44am

Basically I'm looking for more clarity out of the Tiny Terror's crunch.

02/28/2012 8:41am

To acheive your goal:

"Basically I'm looking for more clarity out of the Tiny Terror's crunch"

I'd say the Retro 30 will be just the Rx for you.

Post back here with your results!

02/28/2012 10:02am

Awesome!  Thanks, Vaughn!  I just purchased two Retro 30s and I can't wait to hear them!  One final question, would you run them on top, on the bottom, or in an X-pattern with the G12H30s?


Thanks a million!

02/28/2012 3:29pm

The Ret30's will be the brighter & more articulate speakers ... if it were me, I'd put them on top ...

03/01/2012 7:48am

Installed two Retro 30s last night, and there are both positives and negitives.  On the positive side, the clarity and articulation definitely increased and the sharp mids of the Vintage 30s are thankfully gone, but on the negitive side the overall sound is a little thinner and I've lost a bit of the thump in the chest you can usually get from a 4x12.  I'm wondering if this is because the Retro's aren't broken in yet, or if they're just not mixing well with my G12H30s.  So, what speaker would you recommend to mix in?  I listened to several of your YouTube clips, Vaughn, and the Reapers sound really great.  Thoughts?

03/01/2012 9:01am

One more thing...I know you're a big fan of the Retro 30 / ET65 combo, and I've heard this is a great combo for traditional Rock.  But will it fit the more high gain 90's Alternative and Hard Rock that I play?  The Retro's are pretty sparkly so I imagine the ET65's are used to provide more of a wide bottom end?  Thanks for all your help, Vaughn!  I've really enjoyed watching your videos, learning about WGS Speakers, and researching to find the exact sound I want.

03/16/2012 1:10pm

I wanted to respond to my earlier post stating that my sound had become thinner and I lost a bit of thump after installing two Retro 30s.  Turns out the problem wasn't the speakers at all; it was my guitar.  The volume pot on my bridge pick-up (which I use 99.9% of the time) was going out and I didn't realize it.  Long story short, I had all four pots replaced/upgraded, for good measure, plugged in the guitar and WHAM!  What a difference!  Everything sounds wonderfully huge now, while remaining articulate.  So much better than the Celestion Vintage 30s they replaced.  LOVE these speakers!  They even managed to bring my Orange Dark Terror back to life, which I had considered a lost cause!