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need 2 WGS speakers!

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04/01/2012 2:24pm


I am building an avatar 2x12 with i plan ot run vertically, with a variable wattage mid side amp head.  Something like a DV Mark lil 40 or a egnater rebel 30.  I play 90% at home quietly and i gig as well.  

i need a lot of flexibility but i mostly play rock.  I like warmth, with some sparkle and a nice thick drive tone but not too muddy.  i would say a clean tone like pearljam - yellow leadbetter, and a drive tone like gilmour or santana. Actually McCready's dirty tone works too.  Black crowes, Black keys that works.  I do like to rock out to RATM or some metalish type stuff too.  Does that help?  

No anicos - too darn much $.  Should i pair 2 different ones or 2 of the same? 



04/12/2012 8:03am

My classic "fav" combo sounds like just the Rx for you!

Post back with your results!