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Need a 10" or 12" speaker for a DIY Champ 5C1

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robert schoeberl
08/14/2012 10:13pm

I'm building a Champ 5C1 and I want to use a 10 or 12 inch speaker. I know "the sound" of the 5C1 is the small speaker, amp and cabinet.  Is there a WGS speaker that compliments the 5C1 amp?





robert schoeberl
08/26/2012 3:24pm

... OK  lets queue the crickets.

09/07/2012 6:23pm

I ended up buying an ET65 for my Super Champ. It was a very sweet sounding speaker from the clips I heard, and it got great reviews. Good luck with your speaker hunt.
09/08/2012 9:44am

This is sort of a tough question, not knowing any more of what you are going for!

I've owned several Champs over the years, and currently own two.  It's uber-simple single-ended circuit is a prime example of Leo's early Radio Repair Man sensibilities.  The Champ circuit remained virtually unchanged for decades ... from tweed to blackface to silver face.  In fact, the silver face champ is the most "tweedy" sounding amp you'll ever hear ... outside of a real tweed Deluxe ...

Anyway, what I like about a champ is it's ability to sound like one of it's bigger tweed brothers, but at a very low volume.  I don't like the fact that low volume is about all you can get out of one ... especially if you need it to remain fairly clean.  Also, as a 5-7watt single ended amp, it's never really going to have much authority on the bottom end.

So, for me ... If I was trying to make a gigable amp out of it, I would want a speaker with a very high sensitivity, here an excellent choice would be the 12" Black-n-Blue, or possibly the G10 A or C.

To make a versatile recording amp, I want a speaker that is a bit scooped in the mids, here the ET65 shines ... but it's not a particularly loud speaker ...

Now ... the decision is yours!  Let us know what you do.  I think I might make a blog with vids of a champ through a few WGS speakers ... probably be a while before I get to it, though!

robert schoeberl
12/07/2012 11:04am

Gbew and Vaughn,


Thanks for the responses. I appreciate the opinions and the detailed response.

Right now I'm running the amp through an old cabinet with a P12R that was otherwise doing nothing.

I know the small stock 6" speaker will give up way before the amp will. I'm hoping to find a speaker that will add some fullness to the original sound, but keep some of the original character of the amp whle its at or near full volume. Not sure if that makes sense to the readers. No decisions have been made yet. I might get the WGS 8" to fill the hole in the 5C1 cabinet for now.

I'll be offline for a while and check back later on.



12/11/2012 4:16pm

Man, that 8" sounds EXCELLENT in the Champ circuit.  Expect more than you expected (hummm... if that's possible!).

Check this early blog: