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My WGS ET 90 came black and silver on the back... Why?

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03/11/2014 7:19pm

Hey everyone,

How you doing? 


So I ordered my 6th WGS speaker this time an ET 90 from a dealer in Europe, to replace it on my Hot Rod Deluxe after watching Mr. Vaughn's demo (thank you, sir it really helped me). It's the first time I ordered from this dealer, since he was the only one at the time that had 2 items I wanted in stock. So I said, I will just order from there than having 2 separate orders incoming.

So far all the WGS speakers I have ordered, I am so pleased with them and I recommend them to everyone who wants to try new speakers in their amps and cabs. Plus, I love the looks of them and the detail. 


But the ET-90 I ordered from this dealer, is just painted black and the back of it is plain silver. Why's that? Anyone has any idea? To be honest, I haven't played through it yet, to check if it's really an ET 90 but I have no reference either for an ET 90 either. I know  that sound is what matters but looks is part of the WGS line and it's also what I like. 


Also, notice on the last picture that they changed the label from a 1265H to ET-90. Which means that this was High Powered ET 65 before it was renamed to an ET 90? 

Here are photos:

03/17/2014 11:53am

Please, please,please folks ... remember to search first, and THEN ask questions if they have not already been asked & answered ...

03/24/2014 9:14am

I've just received a set from the same dealer, bought as ET-90 but black and labeled as "made by WGS 1265H", seems to be a OEM version of the ET-90 made for some amp builder:


Seems it's not so strange to see them out of that mysterious amplifier? have you tried them?

03/24/2014 11:16pm

Must have been a batch of them sent to Europe!

12/12/2014 2:01pm


just also received 2 16ohms ET90 i ordered at Tube Town.
I precised i've read the post of january 2014 about 1265H Vaughn quoted just above ;)
In my case, the speakers are written ET90, white metal frame like the ET65, but written also 80W instead of 90W...
I've no problem with the power (i use "only" a 20W kinda blackface amp...!!) but it just give me some doubts if it is really ET90... cause i precisely ordered 2 of these new beasts to replace my ET65 i was really happy with, just to have more dB cause i need just a little hint of headroom...
So if someone can explain me and especially ensure me mine are the right speakers with the H magnet and 100dB sensitivity, it would be great... i have just few days to ship the back if there are not the good ones, and i prefer not to test them if i have to ship them back...
Thanks a lot.

12/18/2014 5:28pm

Here is the official word from our head engineer:

We have gone over this problem recently with customers in Australia.  The ET90 label was misprinted with 80 watts instead of 90 watts.  We sent some stickers to replace the 80 with 90 until we get a new rear label made.  Please assure everyone that they have an ET90 speaker rated at 90 watts.  Hope that helps!  Thanks, Wayne

12/21/2014 10:12am



thanks a lot Vaughn. Trevor also reply my email about that, very quickly so thanks WGS ;)

Vaughn, what are your personnal comment about this swap? I watched several times before ordering your vid about the ET90 vs ET65, thanks a lot for that, it helps a lot. But I still have a doubt though...

In the vid we hear quite clearly that the ET90 is not very louder than his little brother the 65, when played clean... and that's precisely for that thing that i bought it: to have more dB with my amp when played clean (remember i have a 20W kinda deluxe reverb inspired amp) and to be not too close to the crunch when i play with my band and when my drummer is hot ;).

Anyway, it was really really hard, like you told so well in your vid, to choose a winner between these 2 beasts: i really love the particular extra-woody-warmth of the 65 in the low mids but love also the better clarity brought by the H magnet in the 90... so, i made the bet to try the 90 to ensure more clean power but without losing this particular thing i really love in the wedding of my amp and the ET family...

Hope i won't be wrong when i'll mount them in my open back cab ;)

So, what do you thnik about that and, more precisely, the clean sound and the difference of power between them?

Thanks a lot ;)

12/23/2014 9:31am

Hi all,

finally just installed this afternoon my 2 ET90 in my oval open back 2*12 cab in place of my ET65.

1st impressions:

the most important: overall good sound, really really close to the ET65 i'm very familiar with. Like that sound with my kinda BF amp ;)

As mentionned just above, not reallly more volume perceived than my ET65, but it's always hard to talk about the volume perceived... And especially, i haven't the time to make a soundcheck with the ET65 before swapping them (and i didn't have a dB-meter to make comparison with same amp settings), despite of that should have be the thing to do before putting the ET90...

So, does somebody have an explanation about that? Im' a bit frustrated cause i precisely choose them to get more headroom and volume...


02/20/2015 6:13am

hi all,


with a a bit more time i can now tell that it works well with my BF type amp, and i'm less "on the edge" when i play with the band, due to the upgraded efficiency of the 90. 

The little con i've noted with it is that it seems to be more "beamy" than his little brother the 65: when my oval open back 2x12" si on the floor, i feel that i need to be further from the cab than with the two 65, to get the sound...

could it be due to the H type magnet? I have no other experience with H magnet speakers so...

what do the other users of the 90 think about that?

thanks ;)