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Mustang ll - Liberator 80

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01/15/2015 3:35am

I had never heard of WGS, was searching for an aftermarket speaker to replace the ones in my Mustang ll 1X12 amps. I found the recommendation for this particular speaker on a gearhead forum, so I went for it, and bought 2.

It's now INSANELY loud, don't need 2 of them anymore-I ran 2 so I didn't have to turn them up-they get boxy when cranked, but sound good at a lower volume level, and lighter and easier to move than a "real" amp.

It added a good bit of weight to the amp, but it really woke it up, that's for sure. I have NO IDEA what this thing now sounds like cranked, it now acts like my X-Amp half stack-anything beyond 1&1/2 on the master volume knob requires earplugs and has the drummer screaming "turn that s*** down, I can't hear anything!".

It really does make it behave like a tube amp, and the tone is much smoother, and is much more detailed.It does seem to have more top end, but now you can actually HEAR the amp's presets-much more "hi-fi" sounding. It's great. Best tweak there is for the Mustang ll 1X12, if you don't mind the added weight. You can now gig with it without miking.

Check your state and local firearms laws before installing, though, as it now may qualify as a weapon in your jurisdiction.