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Modifying a Guitar w/internal speakers, need HELP with SPEAKER choices!!!

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09/02/2011 2:19am

I have a project I want to start. basically I want to modify one of the best reviewed travel guitars - The Squier Mini Player w/internal speaker/amp:


I've read fantastic things about this guitar Fender Squier Mini Player Electric Guitar Review | Best Travel Guitars, and how it was not promoted as much as it should have been. Sadly, it is now discontinued. The only criticism that I've read has been about it's internal amp/speaker combo.


I want it to be as loud and good sounding as possible and don't mind spending more on the mods than the actual guitar itself. I found this on Guitar Fuel:]SD-MAH3 Amp Harness.

It looks pretty cool, three levels of distortion and comes pre-assembled.


I am also thinking of building a 2nd (crazier) guitar with this internal amp:

It's 22W and can handle 4, 8 or 16 ohms.


Lastly, I want the best speaker I can fit. I think it's a 4" speaker. Either way what do you guys think of a higher end full range driver? Tang Band W3-315E 3" Aluminum/Magnesium Full Range Driver


Fostex FE103En 4" Full Range: Madisound Speaker Store


If the cavity in the guitar body is not deep enough for the speaker, I may have to also custom order a replacement plastic cover (from a plastic fabrication company) that protrudes a bit more.


I am hoping to end up with the best sounding/playing travel guitar ever.


What speakers would go BEST with this guitar? I need a 4" speaker for a 5w and 22w amp.


thanks guys!