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Modern Metal/American Hard Rock sound.

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02/12/2015 9:26am

Sorry in advance. This might get lengthy.

I'm new to the "searching for my sound" thing so bear with me. 

If it matters: I'm playing through a Carvin V3 head. Which I've upgraded to (IMO) from a Peavey 6505+ 112 combo. It has gainy Tungsol 12ax7 and EL34GT tubes. It has a 50/100w setting. I'll be playing on the 50w setting at low/low medium volumes. Gain never more than 6. That's aiming high. Guitars are an LTD EC-1000 with a SD JB bridge, an Ibanez 7321 7-string, Epi Les Paul Special with Bareknuckle Warpig HH upgrade. From all of this I'll be going through either a custom 2×12 designed to Orange specs or A Marshall 1960a cab with the G1275 speakers. 4×12 is overkill for me but the same price as a quality 2×12 and I'll have it if I need it. So. I'm waiting until the last minute. If I go 4×12 I'll be keeping the 2 of the G1275s because I read they're great to pair with what I'm searching for. So I need 2 speakers either way with a 3&4 suggestion should I decide against the G1275s. 

Ok. My sound. I do a lot of plam muting while "chugging" and single note riffing. I play a lot of open power chords and 'bar chords'  as well as open single not riffing. Limited soloing. I tune to Drop C (prefferred), B, A, D, and E standard tuning with the use of a Digitech DT pedal so I'm always usimg all of them. I prefer a darker sound. A good reference is Our Last Nights "Same Old War" or "Dark Storms". I'll be playing 7 string guitar in that style. Which is chording and rhythm. I also like the Sound "A Day To Remember" has going on although not as dark and very mid rich. Two of my favorite bands. I HATE shrill sounding Treble. I need treble but I prefer it to blend without sounding muffled and then I can use my Boost channel if I need more. 6505 is just all treble all the time. My new amp may be able to tame this though. I played it in store and liked what I heard a lot so I ordered it online and am awaiting it's arrival. I need low end response that can be loosened up or be tight as a vice on demand and mids that can go from 0-10. I need good attack but again some of my work I'm looking for a looser sound at times as well. I'm all over the place I know. I play of lot of styles within my chosen Genre. I need versatility. I like a lot of clean headroom. I don't wany any speaker breakup until at past medium volumes. I'll settle for "at" medium volumes to save some $$ though. I can't afford a $200 speaker.

I already have a Veteran 30 which I like the overall sound of. I swap it back and forth with a Vintage 30 that I'm indecided on. Not sure about that mid spike. Mids are ALWAYS there. I like mids. But I like to get rid of them if want as well. What should I pair with a Vet30? Or which 2 of your line would you recommend for something along these lines. Balanced towards the darker side of things. I'll take dead center of the spectrum as well because my 10 Band MXR can do a lot. I have not been able to combine these speakers either which I feel I might like as this is my first go at a multi-speaker cab. Just looking around for suggestions.