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Modded Blues Junior needs speaker

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06/07/2012 3:29am


I have a modded Blues Junior (BillM mods: Tone Stack, coupling caps, bigger OT...) and I'd like to change the stock speaker, too. Searching for deep bass, smoky mids, silky top end. I play blues/funk/rock/hardrock/crossover, mostly with a strat. Love SRVish & Hendrix'y sounds, as well as Landau, Henderson... But I also have to deliver classic hard rock tones with the Les Paul.

What would you recommend? I'm aware that the BJ is a small amp - I'd like to use it as a "to go" amp for small club gigs and sessions...

My big amps are a Artisan 30 Halfstack and a Blackface Pro Reverb.

All the best and thanks for your help,

06/11/2012 11:45am

The best thing you can do for a Blues Junior is get it out of that tiny little particle board cabinet and into a reasonable sized box made of pine or good birtch ply.

Having said that, I like ET65's in the BJ, because they warm them up a lot and easily fit in the cabinet.  It's a medium magnet, so volume will be about the same as stock, but might not sound quite as loud since the ice-pick highs will be gone :-)

The other good option in a Reaper 30 ... well balanced ... the big magnet will just barely fit in there, and will be very close to the output tubes, but it'll make it ... the amp will sound louder with more clean headroom and a lot more balanced ... and it will be a bit heavier ...

06/24/2012 8:21am

Hi Vaughn!

Thank you very much for your advice! Funny enough, before I read it, I bought an ET65 :) I love it!!
Solution to the "small particle board box" is on it's way... ;-)

By the way: Since I like your ET65 so much... could you recommend a WGS Speaker for my DRRI? I'm thinking of a Reaper 30 maybe, what do you think?

Thanks and cheers,

06/24/2012 11:07pm

I used to own an original '65 DR ... The ET65 was absolutely the best speaker I tried in that amp ... and I tried dozens ... from vintage Jensen, CTS, and Oxfords to many current production models from several manufacturers!

I would imagine the re-issue would have similar results!

06/26/2012 3:58pm

Cool! I get the DRRI back this Thursday - and will try the ET65 in there! Will post here! It currently has a P12Q Reissue in it which sounds great for chimy cleans but I don't get warm with it's overdriven sounds... Curious :)


06/26/2012 8:28pm

You will be SOOOO much happier with the ET65!  I just hated the re-issue P12Q in my Deluxe Reverb ... due to that combination, I may never hear 2k again!

06/24/2012 8:08am

Hi Vaughn!

Thanks for your help! In the meantime, I could hunt down a ET65 and love it!!
The solution for the little particle box should arrive in a few weeks :))