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mixing g12c & g10c

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01/19/2014 3:41pm


I am thinking about building a 1210 cab and in my imagination your g12c and g10c could be a good match.

any experience with that? I thought the 10" might fill out the mids a bit more and add a quicker response, while the g12c delivering all that great sparkle.



01/20/2014 10:35pm

This would be interesting ... VERY interesting indeed ...

The reason: because the G10 is actually a bassier, ballsier speaker than the G12!  The G12 is voiced very tight & bright like a vintage Jensen, whereas the G10 is more of a unique totally new WGS design, which incorporates everything that some very smart folks (Wayne & Dean) have learned in their lifetimes of designing and manufacturing speakers.

Usually when folks mix a 10 & 12 they look for the 12 to give girth, and the 10 to add spank and tight punchiness (which the G10 also does, by the way).

Personally ... If I were mixing a 12 & a 10, it would be a G12C/s or an ET65 with the G10.

01/21/2014 5:13pm

Hello Vaughn,


there is too much choices. Especially because I have already an ET65 laying around here. I have (as I wrote a few weeks before) G12C 212 Cab which I bought for the ET65 for filling up mids. Still have not tried (lack of time...) and thought mixing the G12c with its smaller brother could be it, cause they not only have a frequency response which probably complements nicely, but also have almost an identical SPL.

I have to say that especially with my amp I don´t have any issues with a lack of bottom. Even with the G12c it rolls like thunder.

Tanks for your suggestions.

I will let you know how it all worked out - but it might take a few weeks (or months) cause I have a lot of work to do at the moment...

best regards


05/01/2014 11:59am



I´d like to share my first impressions of different combinations with different cabs.

1. going with 212 (open back) g12c did mush up the bass quite a bit. It got me shimmer and sparkle I loved, but lacked midrange and made the lower mids sound a bit muddy.

2. the g12c in an oversized open back 112 gave me a great sounding, articulate voice. The bass wasn´t as overwhelming as with the 212. The way this cab was built (floating baffle, compact but deep) supported the midrange and warmed up the treble. It was less sparkly as in the american voiced 212.

3. The 212 with g12c/et65 was not my favorite choice. It gave me the midrange I was hoping for, but mushed up the bass even more. The et65 dominated a bit. So I lost some shimmer and sparkle and could not find the advantage to a single speaker design. I had the impression the g12c didn´t contribute a lot to the sound.

4. the et65 in a larger 112 (not too deep, like a tweed 210 in size) gave me more sparkle and shimmer and a tighter bass than the combination with the g12c. It sounded suprisingly "american", so I had to give the g12c/et65 another testdrive in that separated application with 2 parallel 112.

5. 2x 112 et65/G12c turned out much better. The low mids and bass had better control and stayed quite stable. There was plenty of sparkle and shimmer. This time the g12c (in its oversized cab) seemed to add shimmer to the sound and - surprisingly - did not sound overpowered by the et65 anymore. So separate cabs seemed the way to go.

6. g12c/g10c 1210cab. Yeah! Punch, midrange, sparkle. Everything is there without mushing up the lower frequencies. Very tight attack. Not as snappy as the g12c alone (but still enough!), bright, articulate with a more aggressive touch than any other  212 g12c application I tried. I had the impression I get a tad less shimmer, but maybe break-in period might tame the g10c a bit - so maybe it´s getting a bit less aggressive and a bit more shimmer. But this is a keeper anyways. I guess a chambered cab might (or not) bring out the advantages of each speaker even a bit more (I think so because of the impression each speaker sounded better in a 112 application than in a 212). I will keep you informed when this got a bit more playing and rehersal time. But this is definitely something you should try!

7. g10c/et65 in separate cabs. Shimmer, shimmer, shimmer, lots of body and a tight bass response, though lots of bottom. Another really precious thing. There was no icepick, but really sparkling treble response. It sounded glassy and clean did shine like the sun. Still lots of punch. It tended strongly to the american side, but had some hints of grit, especially in the lower frequencies, that gave charakter to the sound. Wonderful. Keeps you wanting more.

8. g10c in a really big cab (212 size, but only the g10c active). Glassy shimmer with lots of body and a tighter bass response than the g12c, though not less bass, just tighter. If I had knew this in the beginning, I maybe wouldn´t have bought the 12" - because this gives me anything I wanted from the 12", but more. More body, more shimmer, better control over the bass. Cool. I have to admit, this 110 has anything I hoped for in a small package.


Bottomline - I learned that a 10" can be beefier than a 12". I learned that I prefer separate cabs over 212 / 1210 because everytime I went for separate cabs the speakers could really play out their strength better than combined in the same housing. The bass was always tighter and there was more sparkle and shimmer retained. I guess I have a 212 for selling and going to buy one more 112 / 110. Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed my "research". The quest for tone is to be continued...

05/04/2014 11:25pm

Cool!  Thanks for taking the time to report your findings here.

Yea, the G10 is an AMAZING speaker ... almost defies the laws of physics!  That was the speaker that brought me into the WGS family, I was reviewing the (then) new G10C & G10A models for Vintage Guitar magazine.  I was so blown away that I just had to get to know these WGS folks ... and the rest is history as they say...

12/31/2014 8:27am

I am the proud new owner of a G12c/s and I have been thinking about pairing with an extension cab. The G12c/s is exactly as billed: warm, soft top end, and creamy bass. Through my Hot Rod Deluxe (12AY7 keeping distortion low smooth in P1), this amp is everything I wanted. But I would love to have a 112 cab that had some bright shimmer on top, and from what you've reviewed, it could be a g12c that gets me there. I've also read that the Retro 30 might be the ticket!


Thanks so much for the research. I now know the ET65 is not the right choice to pair in my cab!

Kirsten Ray
05/06/2014 1:39pm

Thanks heikopfister!

This was very good info. I am looking to install a 12 x 10 combination in my Vibrolux Reverb.  Vaugh recommended the G12C/S and G10.  You used the G12C but I'm hopeful from your description of this combo. Since I have an ET65 and a G10C already on hand I will try them first to see if I come away with the same good vibes.

05/31/2015 8:13pm

Late to this party, but I do have experience to share. Got a 12+10 pine cab in 2014 - made by Pinetone in NJ - to use with an Allen Encore head. Had been using the Allen with a pine 1x15, loved the sound. But got curious about these WGS speakers, thought I'd try a combination of both in that pretty rare cab configuration.

One swing, long home run. The 12+10 cab with those two speakers sounds so perfect, so right, I sold the 1x15 ... just wasn't getting any use. Because it's the first time I've used either of the WGS speakers, I'm really not sure which one is doing what, what the strengths and weaknesses of either speaker would be on its own. No matter, the combination just works. It's very much in the old jensen C12N kind of tone zone, only not quite.

Just got a 2x12 tweed bandmaster. Already swapped in one WGS G12C. I'm tempted to get a 12 to 10 inch speaker converter and put a G10C in this one too.