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mid-late 70's Pro Reverb, and other questions

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02/04/2013 7:02pm

I've got one of the later 70's Fender Pro Reverbs that claims it has 70 watts RMS. The old Oxfords in it now are terrible. I've been looking at replacements but there's some confusion going on in my head that I hope you can help me with.

I've read a lot of different answers about speakers. It seems when people are posting here, very few of them ask about wattage versus the speakers they're looking at. I had looked at the ET65's and possibly the G12C's.

If wattage essentially "halves" in a dual speaker setup, wouldn't I only really need speakers that handle the wattage they would actually see? Maybe I'm not thinking about it right. So far I've read that you're supposed to do like...RMS watts plus 50 percent, but in a 2x12 wouldn't that change?

What I'm looking for is a speaker that stays warm but not as efficient. I would like a little bit of breakup at lower volume but still a nice clarity to it.  Warmth, like a cozy blankie.

I was thinking, maybe, paring those two together...  the ET65 and the G12C. Seems like a good mashup of similar speaker sounds. not a ton of mids, tight round bass sounds, not too crazy of highs, etc...

I play blues and funky stuff with a nice sort of broken up sound but not full out distortion. Think Doyle Bramhall II.

02/06/2013 11:28am

After a couple of days and not one comment?


Kinda thinking maybe a G12C and a G12C/S now.....



02/07/2013 7:53pm

In your case, I'd strongly recommend a pair of ET65's ... "warm blankie" without being overly efficient ... just what you want!  Make one a G12Cs if you want, but it'll be a tad more efficient than the ET65.

Also ... see these threads:



Please post back here with your results :-)

02/15/2013 8:02pm

Went ahead and ordered an ET65 and a G12C/s today. Just got done with the 1/2 BF mod on my UL Pro Reverb and it sounds great...except when I turn it up more than half and the speakers sound like a fat guy after thai food. Can't wait to get the new speakers in there and see how she sounds!

02/20/2013 8:17pm

Got the ET65 and G12C/S  (FREAKING B-E-A-UTIFUL you guys!) and put them in today. They sound absolutely wonderful and it definately does what I was hoping - nice tight mids, bass but not loose, and perfect highs...nice and "compressed" just like it should be.

Maybe I'll post a YouTube link later.

Richard Deason
10/05/2013 8:25am

I know this is an old thread but for future ref of those looking for info:

Early this spring I acquired a 1971 SF Pro Reverb. Been swapping speakers for fun and tone search. I've always been a Fender amp guy and also have a SF Princeton Reverb for smaller venues. I've owned over the many year a SF Super & Twin too.  During the speaker tests The one speaker that I was always drawn back to was the G12C (recommended by fenderguru.com) I've tried Creamback, mesa black shadow, Peavey Scorpion, Celestion Gold, G 12H30, V 30, Vet 30, & ET 65 as a pairings with & without the G12c.

Vaughn initially suggested the ET65 & it is the best for me in the Pro paired with the G12C. I still get the beautiful Fender spanky, scooped mids tones (G12C) plus the ET-65 just fortifies that tone and then some. Very nice!

yesterday for fun I tested a Vet30/Et65 pairing because it is so highly regarded. But the BIG mids are not what I'm looking for with this combo. 

Bottom line is the WGS speakers are REALLY good no matter which flavor you go with. Vaughn also know his stuff :-)