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Mesa Lone Star combo replacement speaker recommendation

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06/25/2013 6:41pm

Hi Warehouse, do you have an overall favorite replacement speaker for the Lone Star?

06/26/2013 9:10am

Which model is yours, and what are you looking to achieve?  Thanks.

06/26/2013 12:10pm

Lone Star Special 1x12 run at low to moderate volume levels at home. I'm happy with the overall tone of the amp so I was thinking about the Reaper. I just want to make sure I'm getting the best from the amp esp. at low volume. 


I have heard that the Mesa c90 speaker is very similar to the Celeston Classic Lead. Any thoughts on the WGS British Lead as a replacement for the c90? 




06/27/2013 2:02am

Okay ... the 1x12 "class A" Special is known to be a bit sterile (especially at low volumes) and could use an infusion of organic tone.

So ... My old friend the ET65 comes to mind right away.  Yea, that would probably be my 1st choice ... with the Reaper at #2.

06/27/2013 11:14am

Out of curiosity, what about the regular 6L6/EL34 Lone Star?  Thanks!

06/27/2013 5:42pm

Probably the Retro 30 ... for the added top end shimmer & sparkle ... but I haven't played that amp but once or twice in a music store ... so that's a bit of a crap shoot ... but I remember it having plenty of big warm bottom and a little shy on top end.

11/09/2015 12:46pm


I have a Lone Star Special 212 with 2 Vintage 30s in it..  they sound ok, but just seem to lack a little character and a little brittle if I am not careful with the Treble / Presence knobs.  The drive channel sounds pretty good tho.

Any suggestions?

I was thinking a mix of ET65 and Vintage 30 but would I be better off scratching both V30's and go completely different?

09/02/2015 9:49pm

Hello, I'm looking for some speaker options for my lonestar special. I play at moderate to loud volumes w/ a 4 piece band, playing blues-rock, funk, fusion, and jam band type material.  I saw that question was posed earlier for lower volume applications, but how about in my situation? Is the et-65 still your recommendation?  How would an american style speaker work in there?

09/05/2015 7:56am



"How would an american style speaker work in there?"

Not great!  Stick with the ET65.