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Marshall DSL15H: which speaker pairs with this amp in 1x12 cab?

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09/07/2015 6:08pm

I have purchased a Mashall DSL15H mini head and plan on using it with a 1x12 cab.  Which speaker pairs best with this amp?  I play mostly Contemporary Christian rock, classic rock and blues.  Plus, with this 1x12 cab I plan on purchasing either the Bugera V22 head or the Peavey Classic 20 mini head and playing thru the cab some as well.  Right now I have a slanted 2x12 fitted with ET65 on top and Vetran 30 on the bottom, love this cab!!! Sound is full,  with a great balance on highs, lows, mids.  Thanks.

09/13/2015 7:43pm

Man ... for the 1x12 ... I'd go Reaper!  HP if you think you'll use it above 30 tube-watts.

09/16/2015 9:02am

Hey, thanks for the advice. I will purchase the Reaper. Whats  your opinion on Sesmicaudio cabs? I'm thinking of buying a cab instead of building it myself.

09/21/2015 10:40am

For the money, the Sesmicaudio cabs are awesome ... especially if you are not going to put it through heavy touring.  Here is my fav of their 1x12 cabs ...

David Wenzel
08/27/2018 6:53pm

I have a Marshall DSL-15H and would like to pair a couple of 16 ohm speakers in a 2x12 cabinet. many choices! recomendations please!

08/27/2018 11:48pm

I think I'm going to stick with Reapers ... in your case make one a Reaper and one a Reaper 55 ... go 1/3 open-back; the result is a cab that sounds huge, juicy, 3-dimensional, lively, and inspiring :-)