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Low volume choice

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01/18/2012 8:29pm
Vaughn I need you to pick me a speaker. I like SRV blues and classic rock and roll type stuff. But I also like Radio head clean type stuff.No metal for me. I need these tones at 'don't piss of the wife' volumes. I play alone in my man cave and will never gig. I have a Tweaker 1x12 cab that came loaded with a G12H 70th anniversary that is horrible unless it is really pushed which does me no good. At lower volumes, it is very boomy and lacks any high end clarity and sounds very brittle. I use a Rock Block 1 watt amp, and their website recommends Avatar loaded with Hellatone 30, but after my experience with the G12H 70th anniversary I am not sure it will work for me. Maybe I'm delusional and asking the impossible. Thanks Lee
01/18/2012 10:01pm

Yea, the Hellatone 30 IS (!!) in fact a G12H 30 that's been "broken-in".  Man, That's my new dream job, right along with artificially "aging" guitars ... I want to be the guy who gets paid to break-in stiff speakers!

Okay ... I'm digressing ... anyway, I would suggest our all-around good-pick, the Reaper (30).  Or, if you want to go a little more in the SRV direction, a G12 - Alnico if you can swing the bucks.  Both do a really good job of making the best of a watt or two. 

Oh, and of course the Black-n-Blue would really rock ... but those things are so dang efficient that your wife might just get mad ... even with the Rock Block!

Hope this helps, please post back here with your results!

01/18/2012 10:17pm

Vaughn After watching your youtube vids, I knew you'd come through! Thanks for such a speedy reply! The Reaper it is.

02/21/2012 1:26pm

@millsterman1 How did the Reaper turn out?  I've been considering it, and I have the same issue of needing a great speaker at man cave levels!  Thanks for your help.