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Low Powered 15" Speaker

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Michael McWilliams
03/31/2013 10:01pm

Daniel or Wayne:

Are there any plans for WGS to produce a low powered 15" speaker?  I have a Fender Excelsior that doesn't sound bad but I'd like to put one of your speakers in it, based upon how great the WGS speakers sound in my other cabs.  I know there was some talk on here about a 12" low-powered loudspeaker in the works, thus I was wondering if there was any thoughts about also producing a 15".

Michael McWilliams
04/07/2013 2:14pm

Since no one from management has answered my previous question about the possible production of a lower wattage 15" speaker, let me put it another way: Is the  G15C able to be efficiently driven by a Fender Excelsior?  The Excelsior has only 13, mabye 15 watts.



04/10/2013 11:28am

Hey, I can answer that one ... yea boy, it does!  I currently have a G15C in my 1949 TV-front Fender Pro (about 18 watts) ... and it's the best match I've found ... over a BUNCH of high dollar vintage Alnico's!!

It's really touch-sensitive and expressive with a big beautiful bottom and a perfect Fender-y top.

Michael McWilliams
04/11/2013 8:01am

Thanks, Vaughn!  I see a another addition to my burgeoning WGS collection in my future!

07/25/2013 8:09am

I have a similar problem ,I want to upgrade the speaker in my Excelsior & I don't want to increase the voulme of the amp ,It's perfect for playing at home . the most comon choice is the Emenence 1518 legend which I read its around 103 db which really makes it a loud amp....so thats why I'm here

also how does the G15C improve the tone of the Excelsior ? 

06/14/2020 11:26pm

Just registered and was hoping I could chime in. Love the wgs speakers in my os212 wave cab ( 1 v30 and 1gb )

Question is I’m picking up an old Yamaha 215 cab that looks similar to a sunn 215b.
It apparently has blown speakers but it is free. Figured I’d gut it and recover/grill and put some new speakers in it.
Most likely running it in conjunction with my 212 cab with a 50w head.

06/25/2020 9:50am

Get the cab and assess ... see what the working speaker is. The G15c is a GREAT sounding 15, but might seriously over-power the tired old 15 still in there .... not that that would be an all bad thing!