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Looking for something different: stoner rock & doom

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09/30/2014 9:47pm

Hello all - I did a few searches and found some info but I think I'm looking for something different than has been posted here before. Maybe not and I just didn't find it.

Anyway, I play in a stoner rock (Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Sleep etc.) / traditional classic doom (Black Sabbath, Spirit Caravan, etc.) band and even some classic rock (Zeppelin-ish) and classic metal (Maiden NWOBHM). So super heavy blues I guess? Guitars? Well mainly a pair of MIJ early 80s Yamaha SBG500s or a variety of Gibsons (Les Paul, SG, Flying V).

My main amp is a 2008 Electric Amp Innovations (EA) "Green" Master-Volume 120 (MV-120). Current cab is a stock Orange PPC412 with Celestion V30s at 16 ohms. I then punch this massively over driven beast into further fuzzed out goodness with a variety Black Arts Toneworks pedals, mainly a Pharaoh. I play almost zero cleans with this amp, I bi-amp with a variety of 2x12 combos or other heads I have for all cleans (usually a killer little Peavey Stereo Chorus combo). Love the set up. I just picked up the matching green EA cab that is empty and want to do soemthing a little different than the V30s. That's what led me here.

First note - my band is loud, and I mean stupid loud. Sound guys hate us lol. We play super fuzzed out at times. I also at times will play another head, like a Sovtek Mig100, a vintage Peavey Butcher, Laney AOR II 50, or a 70s Acoustic 470. All loud, all pushed with a pedal for more fuzziness. But I want some defination, not flub. Especially when I go into a more Maiden or The Sword type of thing which we do from time to time. Not all is slow in the doom world.

I'd like to run an X pattern and have it wired to 16-ohm. Something that I can run as a stack with my Orange cab and still provide a little bit of difference while not being overly drastic in the difference of the cabs. Recommendations??? Please! I know thats a lot and a tall order, but hey - why not!


I know you don't allow pix in the forum but this link shows my rig (the green one is mine, the black one is the other guitar players, a Matamp GTO120).


One more: