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The Long Awaited Fender Concert II Speaker shoot-out!

The Long Awaited Fender Concert II Speaker shoot-out!

Hi everybody,  a couple of weeks back someone emailed me asking about speaker choices for their Rivera era Fender Concert II.  I promised I would do a fairly extensive speaker shoot-out for them.  Well, it took me a little while, but I’ve made good on that promise. A couple of apologies up front: 1. I just went with the mic built into my little flip web-cam - so the audio is not great, sorry!  I had grand plans of miking it up in ProTools properly, but just couldn’t make that much time available.  2. Because of youtube’s time limit policy, the total affair is in seven installments.  But it’s all there - almost 45 minutes total!  Hope someone out there appreciates my little labor of love.  Here is the first one ... read on for the links to all of them!


Whooo ... so, was it worth it??  Hope so!  Se ya next time...

03/03/2016 11:03pm

I have two Rivera Concerts. One with a G12C. In the other, I am thinking of replacing the EVM12L. The Reaper HP though terrific is under powered. The ET65 is great on the low end but takes out a bit of the highs. Would the ET90 then be a great choice? Don't know if it existed when you did this shoot-out.



03/04/2016 10:41pm

No ... the ET90 was not out then ... I actually think this was the first shootout video I EVER did ... sorry for the terrible quality ... that was just the way youtube was way back then!

Anyway, yes, the ET90 should be a good choice ... but I wouldn't rule out the Reaper HP, WGS rates speakers very conservatively ... and the 2-6L6 Rivera era Concerts were really pushing it a little calling them 60-watt amps.